Rejected in a selection process – Are you not good enough?

Have you been through a company’s selection process?


Most company’s selection process has multiple rounds of selection tests. And you could be shown the exit door after any of the rounds. Why?

Numerous reasons simply! Let’s check out a few ‘fun’ reasons…

Interviewer did not like your appearance

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However much the corporates explain that their selection processes are unbiased and totally objective, their are individual perceptions of the interviewers that could creep in into the process. No particular reason for the disliking – just he didn’t prefer your appearance.

Usually this gets avoided with the presence of multiple interviewers but sometimes it can show up.

Interviewer was in a bad mood

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Maybe the interviewer’s watch/purse/document got misplaced and the BP had shot up :). When in a bad mood, however nice and accurate answers you give, they won’t accept you even if they accept your answer. That’s human tendency!

Culturally unfit


What is ‘the way’ the organisation works? What is the way you work? Is there a mismatch? Maybe you prefer to be too ‘casual’ or ‘direct’ in your approach. Or you are too ‘perfect’. Or something else that doesn’t match the organisation’s ways. That could also explain the reason.

Today culture-match is given prime importance in most MNCs across the globe due to high attrition rates. In fact organisations use Behavioural Interviews and Competency-based interviews to test their past behaviours and assess the culture fitment. They definitely want candidates who are right fit for them.

Your KSA didn’t match the requirement

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KSA expands as Knowledge Skill and Attitude. Of course if any of those don’t match the required expectations no organisation would want to have you.

Suppose the company is hiring for a Software developer position and you don’t have core programming knowledge or other competencies to the level expected. Then why would they hire you? Sometimes a few companies do look forward to hiring a trainable person without the KSAs and then training them.

So even if you have got rejected, look forward to the next opportunity as, for various reasons, the result is not something you can control always.

Yes all the reasons make you NOT GOOD ENOUGH! However, this is not in general… but only for this particular organisation where you appeared for the interview. This ONE organisation!!! There are billions more 😉

The right company will definitely hire you!

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Agnipath – A novel approach to hiring for the defense forces

The Agniveer Agnipath Scheme 2022 recruiting process is about to begin very soon, and the candidates that are going to apply for this recruitment can avail this. The Agneepath Yojana applications for the recruitment will be released soon at the Ministry of Defences official portal, and all candidates will be able to apply for the same. The applicants will be getting notification about the recruitment from the official portal, since no recruitment details were displayed by officials. While Indian Army will pick the male recruits, according to officials, women will be recruited to serve as AGNives in Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

Some information for the applicants and citizens are shared below:

Assessment of Agniveers during service

The Armed Forces will soon establish a centralized online database of ‘Agniveers’ and will observe an unbiased evaluation methodology. A fair system for fair assessment of Agniveers will be introduced. Agniveers will be introduced to new skills and their skill enhancement will be systematically recorded. Policies and guidelines regarding this complete process will be framed before the appointment of the first batch of Agniveers.

Will the Agniveers get any Yearly leaves?

As per the current announcement, the Agniveers will be eligible for 30 leaves annually depending on the discretion of the respective armed force, i.e. Army, Navy or Air Force.

What is the Medical facility for Agniveers?

During their engagement as Agniveer in the Armed Forces, they can enjoy the medical facility at Service Hospitals as well as CSD provisions.

Will Agniveers be eligible for rewards and honours?

Yes, they will be entitled to all kinds of rewards according to the extant guidelines for the respective Armed Force.

Can Agniveers quit army before completing their tenure?

As per the current guidelines, the Agniveers will not be allowed to leave the army before finishing their 4 years period. However, it will also depend on the specific case and the decision taken by the Competent Authority on case-by-case basis.

What should Agniveers expect after 4 years of service?

  • Out of all Agniveers, one-fourth will receive a call from Armed Forces for hiring as a regular cadre. Rest of them can return to society. Point to note is that many PSUs, government agencies, paramilitary forces, and state governments have committed to give preference to Agniveers for jobs, who complete their four years of service in the Armed Forces.
  • Government will reserve 10% vacancies in Assam Rifles and paramilitary forces after their 4-years military stay.
  • Reservation of 10% seats in Coast Guard, Defence civilian posts and all 16 defence PSUs. Also, a 2 year age relaxation for recruiting during the first year.
  • After their service in Indian Navy the Agniveers can get job opportunities in Merchant Navy.
  • Agniveers can also get loans at lower interest rates if they plan to do something else after four years of their service.
  • The Armed Forces, in association with IGNOU, will provide graduation degrees to Agniveers to help them in future if they wanted to go for higher studies after completing the four years of tenure.

Can women apply as Agniveers?

Yes, women candidates can also apply to become Agniveers in the future.

How much pay can Agniveers expect?

During the first year, the scheme permits annual package of INR 4.76 lacs. It can rise upto INR 6.92 lacs. As a contribution to SevaNidhi scheme 30% of the monthly salary is to be shared by the individual. The same contribution is for the government to match. Finally, a total of INR 10.04 lacs is expected to be exempted from tax.

Can the Agniveers expect any disability benefit?

Disability compensation is to be allowed based on %age disability as confirmed by designated medical authority. Agniveers are also given an ex-gratia disability compensation of INR 44 lacs for 100% disability, INR 25 lacs for 75% and INR 15 lacs for 50% disability.

Will the regimental scheme be there as in the armed forces?

Because the Scheme plans to pick the best of the Agniveers and only those who have proven their mettle, the armed forces will continue with the Regimental structure.

Under Agnipath, young men aged 17.5 years to 21 years would be recruited either directly from educational institutions or through recruitment drives. The selection process would be similar to the current process of hiring for defense personnel.

Now whether you should apply to work as Agniveers or not is for you to decide. It will be a good possibility to enter the defense forces early in your life.

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The field of Human Resource Management – an overview and career prospects

Let us briefly explore the field of Human Resource Management through this post!

Organisations are not new to this world and the principles of management have forever been there. The phenomenal buildings during the age-old civilization proves the amazing engineering and management skills that the humans have demonstrated.

However, Fredrick Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory was among the first documented principles to drive organisations and productivity. He stressed on the significance of pay to drive productivity. But then again, Howthorne study was conducted in the 1930s that concluded to the fact that only paychecks could not drive more employee productivity. Humans are not machines! They need more!

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Human resource management is a term that came to broad light after the 1960s. It has always been the department that steps back to get an overall picture of the situation both from the management side as well as employees’. Before being called human resource management it was known as Personnel Management and was a department that was primarily concerned with collecting the documents from all employees.

The HR professionals currently address the following responsibilities in organisations:

  • Recruitment: Attract more and more candidates to apply for the job vacancy. Designations such as
  • Selection: Choose the best fit out of the applicant pool through the tests and interviews.
  • Learning and development: Develop hired/existing employees’ skill levels according to the goals of the organisation.
  • Performance appraisal and management: Oversee the appraisal process where employees get hikes and promotions for their last year’s performance.
  • Compensation and benefits: Process the salaries of all the employees in the organisation as per the current national, state and company policies.
  • Employee engagement: Ensure employee’s grievances are rested and that everyone in the organisation is finding the work engaging.
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In fact HR Analytics is a new branch of Human Resource Management that looks at quantifying the HR initiatives and applying analytics.

As technologies continue to intrude into every area of the organisation and individuals, and as we more and more accept the modern work from home model, some of the future designations of HR (mentioned on’s blog) are:

  • HR Business Director
  • Chatbot facilitator
  • HR Data Director
  • Head of Human Machine Integrations
  • Head of Skill design
  • Head of Work from home facilitator


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If one is interested to step into this field after their twelfth they can take up a degree in Business Management / Human Resource Management / Industrial relations / Personnel management. These degrees are also offered at the Post graduate level if you realize your interest somewhat late. Careers are ever-evolving and one could realize their interest in Human Resouces much after PG too! Short term courses could come to rescue.

As times are changing, and professionals look forward to change careers not just once but several times in their life spans, short term programs offering clarity on the trends in the field, could be a great turning point for anyone wanting to step into the field.

A short term internationally validated certification into Human Resouce Management such as the ones offered by CHRMP is an example. CHRMP also has programs for novice (CHRMP Foundation), experienced professionals (HRBP Advanced) as well as HR Analytics. Visit the link to explore more and register.

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Tips to make someone feel special

When was the last time you made someone – your wife, mom, dad, sibling, friend, anyone – feel special? If it wasn’t recent you should definitely take the initiative today or tomorrow. We often take these people for granted and carry on with our relations without bothering about their emotional health. And as Stephen Covey talks about in one of his bestsellers that one can only withdraw from the emotional bank account as much as they deposit.

Caring for someone and making them feel special is one of the ways to increase your deposit.

Whoever they are, everyone needs to feel special! And yes, what works with one person might not be appropriate for another!

Here are a few simple, small stuffs (should be a no-brainer 😜but… most of us miss it) to make someone feel special:

Find a way to appreciate

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Our human minds are genetically designed to usually see the negatives everywhere. When Homo sapiens used to live in forest they had to be watchful of the wild animals and so it got into our genes. However, to be able to ‘not’ notice negative, we need to train our brains.

We should train our brains to find something good in what they do and appreciate that. While appreciating we must also remember to give only ‘genuine complements’ as anyone can see through flattery. Also, who knows, such fake complement might hurt them thinking that you are mocking at them.

Support them in whatever they are doing

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It is important that we support them to achieve their goals and not criticize them or demoralize them. Often we judge them and their goals from our flawed spectacles that still has the fog of our own failures and experiences. We are unable to support them due to this spectacles.

Surprise them

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Not in very very major way… Surprising is not always with an expensive gift.

Little things count!!!

We could make something (purse, sweater, etc), cook a dish (if possible, their favorite dish) specially for them, draw/paint their picture if you are an artist. Or do something they would probably have never imagined.

Celebrate their success

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So simple but very often left out because the loved one is taken for granted. Most of us tend to just take their achievements very lightly and maybe carry on with our lives without even noticing that. We do not consider it as important for us but the step was really important to them. Probably it is ‘the whole world‘ to them.

Take them to their loved destination

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Who doesn’t like to go to places they love? If the loved one likes a place, it would be a great way to make someone feel special.

Whenever possible, taking them to their dream destination is also a nice tool to make someone feel special.

Who are you going to make feel special today? Do comment in the comment box?

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CBSE’s new assessment scheme and schedule for the batch 2021-22

CBSE has announced its new assessment scheme for the 2021-22 batch who are preparing to appear for their boards this coming March-April. The students will have to appear for exams twice with almost 50% syllabus each time.

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In an official notification, the board announced the assessment process. “Academic session 2021-22 of class 10th & 12th to be divided into 2 terms with approx 50% syllabus in each term.”

Exams for terms 1 and 2 is supposed to happen in November-December and March-April respectively.

  • MCQ-based paper is planned to be given to students that should be answered on OMR sheet in 90 minutes.
  • below is the schedule for tenth board exam (1st term):
  • Nov 30 2021 – Social Science
  • Dec 2 2021 – Science
  • Dec 3 2021 – Home science
  • Dec 4 2021 – Mathematics Standard & Mathematics Basics
  • Dec 8 2021 – Computer application
  • Dec 9 2021 – Hindi course A, Course B
  • Dec 11 2021 – English

All exams would start at 11:30 AM instead of the original 10:30 AM.

For the verification of any information you must visit

i think, this is a good move from CBSE since people, specially students, have been under ample stress due to COVID and the after effects. It will give time to students to prepare for the exam without too much stress since there will be less topics to cover.

What do you feel?

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Modern day job hunt

You finished your twelfth, graduation, masters, Phds, etc., and you did not want to study any further. You just wanted to take up a job and become independent.

Mostly creating a profile on one or more of the job sites such as Naukri, Monster, Shine, indeed, Timesjobs, should be your first go to place now. These are a few dedicated platforms for recruiters to find candidates for filling vacancies in their organisations. However, you might also like to post your profile on Olx, a website that started off as a marketplace for basic services and second hand products but is now used to search for candidates too. Usually on lower salary bands, though!

As a candidate, you may check out this link for data entry job, Similarly, Sales & marketing jobs can also be found here. In fact, a whole list of jobs can be found on the OLX platform as listed below:

Also, you can Google for more job sites as well to upload your profile and try finding jobs.

Is it only for the tech savvy? Still some of the primitive ways of job hunts exists and even with a bit less tech savviness, one can find jobs. How?

Do you know someone, a friend, a relative, a course-mate (someone you just met in a course you took up), or anyone else who has a business or who knows someone running one? Yes, connections work brilliantly when you talk of finding a job.

In fact that should be the first step, yes even before the job portals!

I can clearly tell you, after being employed for almost a decade, and switching careers with every other job, real jobs don’t see the job portals. They mostly get filled through references, yes connections!!!

Keep an open eye while walking on the streets. Sometimes, not the top ones, but jobs are also advertised on street walls and might offer you a good opportunity.

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Newspapers and magazines too publish ads for job seekers, and these are the good ones.

Not everyone is interested to crack a government job, but just want to look for other avenues to make a living. These listed tips can work wonders when it comes to finding your dream job. dedicated to help people keep smiling through the best career choices. Visit

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Meeting the Self

I went through a webinar on #career #guidance and came across this beautiful Poem. If you think about it’s depth, this poem speaks so much about everyone’s lives! It’s titled:


The time will come
When with elation,
you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in
your own mirror,
And each will smile at the other’s welcome,

And say, sit here. Eat.
You will love again
The stranger who has loved you all your life,
Whom you ignored for another,
Who knows you by heart.

Take down the love letters from the bookshelf.
The photographs, the desperate notes,
Peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.

– Derek Walkott

#keepsmiling #publicspeaking #counseling #direction #decisionmaking Visit and create an account for a free call

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Is getting career guidance worth the expense?

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The whole process of choosing a career path can be overwhelming!

How do you find out what you are good at? What is your personality like? Having such combination, what options should you prefer? What will be the possible challenges you should be prepared for? How do you prepare? And more!!!

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A career guide/mentor is someone who is aware of a variety of career options and of the overall challenges that appear in each. They have the tools and techniques to find out about your personality and then show you the best options.

They also have the connection and source to bring you the information you need to decide. They have the professional training to help in these times with numerous career options.

As someone put it:

There is no right or wrong decision, it is only the choice between the best decision and the not so good one!

We all talk to our family members about the situation and ask for suggestions.

They are not well aware, still we go to them. Why not go to an expert? If you need an advice on your medical condition, would you prefer speaking to a doctor or everyone around. And then would you prefer speaking to an experienced doctor or someone else?

The cost?

You can make a not so good decision! The cost of a ‘not so good’ decision must be measured in not only monetary terms, but also the time and energy you will spend going through the path.

And the impact it will have on your psychological state?

Weigh your options!!!

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The six years integrated B.Tech. degree – a thought!

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Engineering, the most popular graduate courses in India, I recently got to know, has got an additional pathway for interested students. Now, anyone interested in the course doesn’t have to wait till the twelfth, and then go through the grind of the competitive exams. They can instead opt for a six years integrated program immediately after the tenth.

But as I said, it’s just another pathway to the career! You still have the four year route.

For now, these are being offered in select private colleges. As per the Times of India newspaper, the institutes are also calling it as a life-time package deal: “freedom from all competitive exams”.

And, I believe the rush for these courses shows of a future with similar courses being offered by all universities.But do we want it?

Colleges that are offering this degree:

These are among the list of universities offering the integrated engineering course. The six years integrated course would comprise 3 years of Diploma course and another 3 years of degree. Different institutes have different criteria!

But, are we sure the students would have figured out the right career for themselves by class tenth? We are speaking of escaping the grind of competitive exams. What about the grind of excruciating semester exams of a course you are no more interested in? I think the aura of engineering degree just pulls you in… but then you realize!

I wrote about so many other options apart from engineering and medical. And do you think the list is over in the above post? Huhh! 🙂

Well, I like it that there is this distribution of Diploma and Degree for the course. But will the institutions give a Diploma if one leaves the course midway? If institutes are ready to give Diploma even though a student doesn’t complete all six years, fine! If this is just another option for the students, then it’s okay. The more the better! But if we want a total switch, it should not happen.

In a world that has been changing so fast, how much does this type of course help? In a world where people work for a variety of jobs through their career, what contribution does it make? In a world where gigs are becoming more and more norm, does this type of integrated courses give any edge? Shouldn’t we stop creating such integrated programs?


  • Escape the pain of appearing for multiple competitive exams on 12th.
  • One has chosen the course and is totally settled in it.
  • Total focus in one direction will improve expertise in the subject and I believe they might become better engineers.


  • During these primary years, students are mostly unaware of the careers and mostly get to know what their parents tell them, and that is engineering or medical.
  • Not sure if everyone getting into the course would have figured it all out.
  • If one wants to change, they might not.
  • Six years of one’s life in the ‘not the best’ path for an individual? It needs to change.
  • Since they have got into the pursuit, they might be okay but miss on better routes for themselves.
  • Financial pressure might be huge for those whose condition is not well off.

As we move towards a gig economy, these types of courses will lose significance and there would be more demand for short skill oriented courses. But I would love to hear your thoughts here.

Any more points? What do you think? Is it good for students?

Visit and create a new account free to get exam updates and new webinar recordings on different career-related topics.

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Are there options other than Engineering or Medical?

Imagine you go to market to buy a soap and you only get two options: either Soap A or Soap B.

Will it be the best choice?

Will it be the best choice as per your needs, interests, dreams, family values, and other factors? Least chances.

If you don’t want to have only two choices for soap purchase, how good is it for career?

So first, here are a few options to pick from other than engineering or medical line of studies:

  • Designing,
  • Journalism,
  • Social works,
  • Business management,
  • Hotel management,
  • Law,
  • Fitness,
  • Banking and finance,
  • Forensics,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Animation and illustration,
  • Filmmaking,
  • Civil services,
  • And many more.

Most of the youngsters walk into their tenth and eleventh taking Mathematics or Biology thinking that they must go for either Mathematics or Biology. Why? Because they MUST pick either Engineering or medical. Why? Because there is no other good option. And then the kids somehow get into ANY institute to pursue either engineering or medical. This leads to, if they at all become, an engineer or doctor who can do nothing but earn a few bucks. And then they do the same with their kids and the cycle continues! Kids’ true potential lies dormant deep down that also at times leads to frustrating relationships.

You have immense potential!

Today internet is such power that brings plethora of information at your fingertips. You cannot anymore say that you didn’t know.

If you can read you must find out!

Pick your phone and Google… That’s it!

And what I said above are just fields of studies that you may choose from. Each of these will have careers multitude of careers that you may pick from. And all of it are options other than Mathematics or Biology – based fields.

These are fields out of which a well-crafted, high earning potential, high reputation careers can shape up.

You just have to look out and strive for it!

Anyways, as they say in management, there is no right or wrong option. It’s only the best out of the available options. So we must never think about making the right choice but only the best one of the available choices.

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