Wrong number!

Prompt: “It had taken more than six months to muster the courage for speaking out to her”.

Kavita was too simple, yet very dashing. Never in her life till now had she dressed in anything other than a salwar suite. And her simplicity was the only responsible trait that had tempted Mark to propose her. It had taken more than six months to muster the courage for speaking out to her. It was not at all easy. He had seen her many times coming out of the apartment to the road but could never gather courage even to offer a lift.

Actually, it happened that black night of December 31st, when the both of them were returning from the New Year Party. Kavita was in her deep blue suite, looking simply gorgeous and no less. Her long black hair, waving with the childish movements that she was making added to her attractiveness. The tiny little bindi over her forehead was another best thing that she had used. At least, Mark couldn’t do much except gazing at her. My eyes were literally stuck and I couldn’t help. Kavita had caught his eyes many times and he too knew about this. Everyone was busy enjoying the party while Mark was was busy with a different job. Kavita too was walking over him with her gracious eyes every now and then. He wanted to offer a lift at the end of the party and God made it possible. Kavita herself took the step and asked for a lift.

“Can you drop me?”, she asked.

“I?”, Mark couldn’t believe his ears.

“Ya you. It’s too late and getting a taxi would be a difficult job for me. Also I fear the drivers for they………”

“OK OK done”, Mark broke midway. And why wouldn’t he? That was a dream come true – a lonely drive with such a beautiful lady – and that too the one whom he liked the most. How excited he was that he didn’t finish the last beer bottle even.

“This is really a great night!”, Mark said to himse3lf.

He said goodbye to all except Kavita – she was walking with him. The car was in parking lot, four to five minutes walk from the club building. She was just getting closer and closer to him with every step and held his waist after a few twenty steps. Goosebumps could be noticed all over Mark’s hands and face. He didn’t know how to react. Nervous, he was. Feelings vanished from his senses with the nervousness creeping towards him.

“Is it real? Am I dreaming? What will happen next?” and thousands of similar questions held Mark. At last they reached the car and Mark walked away to open the doors. Getting in, he unlocked all the doors and allowed Kavita to get in. She too got in looking at him with a smile over her face.

“Oh my God, I could’ve died a thousand deaths for such a smile from that sweet lady”, Mark thought.

The car moved but stopped just outside the gate. Mark looked towards her and said silently,”Kavita, I think, I like you. Do you?”
She moved closer and rested her head over his arms. “Just drive”, she whispered with the same smile.

Then she started moving her hands gently over his head and neck and over his arms, still resting her head over his arms.
“Could you give me your number?”

Again, the same smile and she whispered, “What will you do with my number, when I myself am with you?”

“Can you stop?”

“Here?” Mark was puzzled.

The night was very cold but inside the car it was very cozy. Mark looked outside and could see nothing but just a complex building where all the shutters were down.
“Will be back in seconds”, she said and rushed away.

Mark was looking at her and smiling with some happy thoughts. Gradually, she vanished into the darkness. Mark waited there for an hour and then thought to go in search for her. Only then did he realize that he had no idea as to where had she turned and also about the shop of her destination. He was totally clueless.

“Ok, I must be having her number”, thinking his hands approached towards his pocket to pull out the purse.

Alas! It was not there. All the money, credit cards, license, and other slips and receipts were all gone. Mark understood everything and smiled at himself. Pushing his memory through the incidents, he said to himself,” it was a wrong number”, and laughed loudly.

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