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Hope gives strength!

Prompt:”My husband doesn’t know, but soon he will” “All my dreams and hopes were shattered, the day my marriage was finalized. And I was a totally dismayed lady with no direction for my life”, Rini said in a low, sad … Continue reading

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Why I may or may not become a writer?

Today, I felt I can’t become a writer. Why? There are two reasons to it. Choosing a topic: Hah! That’s the pittiest reason for not being able to write. I tell you, since childhood I have struggled with the selection … Continue reading

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The killer ring!

The prompt was – “While digging in a cereal box for the toy surprise, a child makes a grisly discovery.” I felt it’s tough and moreover, when you are unwillingly doing an activity, it’s really difficult to carry through. I’m … Continue reading

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Yet another kick by a failing blogger!

So, here is my new startup after failing in all my previous attempts to become a successful blogger. I don’t know exactly why they failed. Or perhaps I do know it! Whatever be the reasons, they don’t matter to you … Continue reading

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