The killer ring!

The prompt was – “While digging in a cereal box for the toy surprise, a child makes a grisly discovery.”

I felt it’s tough and moreover, when you are unwillingly doing an activity, it’s really difficult to carry through. I’m happy that I finished it.

Here goes my story…..

Since early morning everyone in the house of Mr. Ramakant Sharma was busy for the wedding ceremony about to be held in the night. It was a welcome day with guest continuously coming. How Mr. and Mrs. Sharma had been waiting for this day for years.

During the day when Rohit, the six year old kid was taking out cereal for dinner, he makes a grisly discovery, “It’s a ring mom, here in this box of cereal.”

“Ring!” Mrs. Sharma screams seeing the small round thing of gold, “how’s it here?”

And it was a matter of surprise for everyone in the home. They were all asking each other for how could it be that a ring was there in the box. Still, the show has to go on! And the ceremony was allowed to finish off in a smooth fashion.

But there those who had seen the ‘horror’ ring couldn’t take it out of their minds and joined together to brainstorm on suspense of the matter. But nobody could suggest anything perfect that would have enabled a clear solution. They also didn’t want to let the matter out of their own home expecting unlikely behaviors of their neighbors. “They would never look towards your home even”, said Mrs. Sharma.

Somehow the matter reached to the ears of Mr. Sharma’s dad, an old man of somewhere around sixty who had come to them a week before.

And the old Mr. Sharma grinned, “Oh! You found a ring in cereals. Did you go to the police or the grocer?”

“Nops dad”, murmured Mr. Ramakant Sharma.

“Let’s go to them”

Discussions were still on and the lanky old fellow was just listening to them with a smile on his face.  Ghost, dead man, thief and what not! They had guessed them all. Sometimes they even reached out to it being a thing of black magic. And then there were guesses of neighbors who could have tried such a destructive activity for them all.

Mr. Das, Mr. Santoshi Babu, Mr. and Mrs. Ravikant were all into the net of suspicion. And then Mr. Ramakant Sharma made a declaration, “They don’t want me to live here, I won’t let them. I’ll kill them all. They come to my home on a party and try to destroy my family. Whosoever has done that I won’t leave him”

“Then you should kill me first”, his dad speaks out now, “Magic, ghost and what not. You educated men could think all but left the actual. It was just my ring that had fallen into the box when I tried to take out some”.

“But dad why were you taking out cereal?”

“You all were busy and I couldn’t say to anyone that I needed something to eat then. I was trying to find biscuits or similar stuff to eat. Unable to find them but the box of cereals, I just went for it. And then it happened. The ring was loose and got mixed among cereals making me unable to find. I had thought that I will say to you or your wife but firstly I forgot and secondly never did I find you both free”.

“And unknowingly it twisted in this manner that you were about to kill your neighbors. It mustn’t be! Without knowing the actual facts you must not make any comment on anybody”

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  1. rohit says:

    nice moral…… could have made it better!


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