Yet another kick by a failing blogger!

So, here is my new startup after failing in all my previous attempts to become a successful blogger. I don’t know exactly why they failed. Or perhaps I do know it! Whatever be the reasons, they don’t matter to you till the time I keep.And I am sure that they don’t matter to you either. Failures don’t have the right to give reasons. The good news is that they are of no use to me either except that they raise my frustation level at times while teaching me something new. But it would be a brilliant job by me if I remain away from that ‘something’ part and get the success I still crave for.

And I will be striving for it as I know that the sunshine on the other side of this tedious effort is really great. Success can’t be so easily reached. If it would have been, everybody in this world were to be the owner of a successful life. But it isn’t so! I also know that without giving my max today, looking back I will be regretting about this day that if I would have given a bit more……. Hope is what keeps us alive! The day we stop to hope good, we would like to end our lives. But it doesn’t work this way and we like to live hoping that this should happen, and an another this and then again a hope for another this. Thus the list goes endless and we continue living longer and longer. And yes, I mean living  not surviving!

Let me hope that this effort won’t have any of those combinations that piled up for failure in all my previous attempts. Additionally, there will also be the need of a great support from all the blog readers whose comments profuse the blogger with a newer zeal, that is more forceful than the previous one, to start another work.

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