Why I may or may not become a writer?

Today, I felt I can’t become a writer. Why? There are two reasons to it.

Choosing a topic: Hah! That’s the pittiest reason for not being able to write. I tell you, since childhood I have struggled with the selection of topics for which I would like to write and still, it has been my major hindrance getting through the task.

I don’t know if any other ‘wannabe writer’ would be struggling with this problem. So sad! If somebody would have told me about this problem when I was planning to take up the path, I might not have taken it.:P

It actually so happens that I pick up one topic after more than half an hour of brainstorming and then again, I crush the paper for either I know very little about the topic or my mood is not allowing me to write on it or I can’t think any more about the topic or….or…. there are many ors to it. Finally what is the result? I close my diary and BANG! It rests over the table.

Then I start thinking of something else to write on and something similar happens with this ‘else’ too. And I don’t remember how many times the process repeats. Result: I am at the same starting line where I was early in the morning!

I have fought all other problems, but this…. It has made it sooooooo difficult for me to proceed ahead in my quest.

Excuses for laziness: Ya, I agree that at times it holds my hands so tight that I even deny picking up my pen or keyboard. An hour goes by and then another and one more but I was unable to come out of the clutches of this part of my behavior.

It goes with every job, but for me, it dominates and harms only in my writing schedule. I read somewhere about what a writer should do to escape being lazy and it said right. The most necessary one that I felt was – commitment. If it is there, nothing can stop. And if it is not there, nothing can take me ahead!

Ok! that’s right! But there are times when you have right reason for not writing, and enough of them are available for me, always.

So, after knowing the above reasons, I felt that the second one was with every other budding writer and could be resolved. But, what should I do with the first one?

Here, this post is a result of what I did with the first one. Yesterday, I had thought that I will put up something about my writing – no topic was decided yet. And I have. Though you may find it a ridiculous one, I have done it. Still, chances exist that I may not become a writer.

Can you suggest something more?

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3 Responses to Why I may or may not become a writer?

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  2. I like the efforts you have put in this, appreciate it for all the great posts.


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