Hope gives strength!

Prompt:”My husband doesn’t know, but soon he will”

“All my dreams and hopes were shattered, the day my marriage was finalized. And I was a totally dismayed lady with no direction for my life”, Rini said in a low, sad tone.

“How old were you then when you tied knots?” Sudhir, Rini’s childhood friend asked.

Rini and Sudhir were meeting after more than six years. It was last in the dance classes that they both took during their schooldays that they met each other.

“Just nineteen. Can you imagine my feelings then?”

“Why didn’t you tell them? They could have waited.”

At least my family would not. And for my dancing career, never. After all, I was a girl and marriage is the only thing in a girl’s life”, Rini said in an irritated tone.

“Then?”, Sudhir queried gravely.

“Then what? I just wanted to die. End my life”


Rini sighed. “Yes, I was about to. But that’s my past. Now you don’t need to worry.”

“So”, Sudhir adjusted himself for a better position.

“Then I had even arranged everything right. Just in the night of the occasion, I would have ended my story.”

“So mad lady why didn’t you?”

“The night before, I had a dream…or probably it was evening only…or I can’t remember exactly.”

“Let it be whatever it was. Go ahead.”

“Evening, yes it was evening”, she said excited.

“I couldn’t remember the dream clearly but the essence got engraved deep in my brain. Somebody said to me, ‘God is not rude to anyone. All are his children. Have patience. Let time unroll a little more. There might be something good for you a bit later’.”

“I changed my mind. And was married to the industrialist Niranjan Singh turning me to Rini Singh. He was a doting husband except that he never wanted me to dance. Even the slightest talk on dance made him turn red. I still don’t know why he despised dance so much. So I couldn’t do anything when he was home, but the good thing was that he was at home after 9 in night and before 8 in morning.”
“Then you learnt it during these hours?”

“Yes, there were servants and workers for all house works. There was rarely a thing for me to do. I practiced everyday from morning till evening except Sunday for it was the day when Niranjan didn’t go to the company, and wanted me to be with him.”

“But hey Rini! You could have lived happier without those hectic dancing schedule. Servants, cars, palatial house…what more can a girl crave for?”

“Yeah I was having them all, but I don’t know why I felt incompleteness everyday since I was married. But when I started to practice, though hectic, I lived with more energy. I was much happier.”

Sudhir smiled. “And today you are here in the State dance festival trying to make your dream come true. But now your husband must be knowing?”

“He doesn’t, but soon he will.”

“What after that?”

“Nobody can stop me now.” Just then, the first name in the festival was announced and it was – Rini Singh.

I am happy that I ended what I started. But what is this? There’s some other prompt in Fiction Friday page. Or there’s nothing for 30th April. Anywaz, I’ve done my work.

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