Imperfection leads to a masterpiece!

Yes, nobody in this world is perfect. Actually, even God, as I think, is imperfect. This is why He created human beings – creatures full of imperfections!

There’s ‘a something’ always absent that could have made every work better than what it already is. Every work of art or creativity could have been better than what it is, meaning that it is not perfect. But, the matter I want to speak here is that it is only by practicing imperfection that, an artist or a painter can create a masterpiece.

So, one should never try to be perfect, for it is a ‘never attainable’ feat. It is just a concept or only an illusion which can’t become true.

But he should continue practicing the imperfect for this is the road to create ‘never before’ works of creativity.

Lastly, I should introduce the book, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, where Gladwell stresses on the importance of PRACTICE. In the book, he has said that every world famous athlete, programmer, musician, writer or whomsoever has spent 10000 hours mastering his or her skill. 10000 hours is equivalent to spending at least 3 hours a day for a decade. Nothing less will do!

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