Saying “NO”!

“Jack, can you do this for me?”, ” Jack, can do that for me?”, “Jack….”..and a lot more similar questions, or better call them orders, for Jack is not going to say NO. Jack saying yes to all and the rigorous day he will be passing – I can’t even imagine it! “UFFF!”

Well, this was earlier a bigggg……no…. huge problem for me. I said yes to almost everybody and the consequences used to be very dreary for me. Even, many of my close relatives went away. But now, I am improving and in fact, have improved a lot. “Cheers to me!”

Actually, it happens automatically. I mean to say that we have been habituated to speak yes to every person coming in our way and when the time comes, the word vomits out even though we don’t want to. It has a similar force as the actual situation when we have to vomit even against our will. “You YAAK to the vomit as you do it to the NO!” Still, you speak it. What a *@#$ situation!

Now, as I feel, “YES” is not a word we should fear. In fact, it has to be available for helping us succeed through our life goals. But, the other side of this coin is we get so overburdened by the works, that none of them gets enough time it should have. Also, our mind remains tensed throughout which has an adverse effect on our health.

And we ought to remember that there is nothing wrong in saying “NO” as it is good to not do a thing than do it unwillingly. Nobody is going to claim your property if you say “NO” to him. Just be firm with your no and still, be polite. Don’t think that the person will feel bad. And if he does, let him. It’s none of your responsibility to do when you don’t want to do it.

Always remember that there is no use pleasing others when you can’t please yourself. You can be successful only when you can love yourself. And that is the time when you can say -“NO”.

Again, when I go to the market there are generally just one or two items to be bought. But on reaching there my bag got filled with the unnecessary items. Why? Because I could not say no to the unnecessary desires.

So, if you love yourself, you must be prepared to say,”NO” when you want to! When I don’t want to do a task, I think, “Let the world go to hell, I will say ‘NO’ to it”. And to your own self too, in the market!

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