Never to worry!…… Tension nahi lene ka!!!

Many times and from many people, I have heard statements that reflect their bad impression about life. Remarks of the sorts – “My life is only made of pains”…..or….”I don’t have anything to cheer about” are frequently heard while talking to different people about their lives. You too have heard them. Haven’t you?? Many even reach to the extent of showing their desire of suicide.

Actually, they don’t speak directly about suicide but their words and expressions are such that one can make out the depressive feelings behind their talks. The most disheartening fact is that after talking to large number of people, I found very less number of people happy with his or her life. I mean to say that the number was just a drop in an ocean or a bucket of water. Really disheartening! Isn’t it?

They actually get sad or worried with a small problematic situation and keep crying about that only. And they tend to forget the large number of blessings that surround them. Well, I want to say, “Shouldn’t we actually think and make out whether the single tiny problem is so big that one can forget all the other gifts of God that he should feel happy about?”

Talking to our friends and family is one of the best ways to be happy. Sharing your life with them could make you really feel happy. Look at somebody with more sufferings in his life and feel happy that at least you have that thing. While living through the troubles of life, we should never forget to celebrate the happy moments.

Actually, we should realize that we have to ‘live life’ and when I say live, I mean to live happily. There was one movie….English movie…….I don’t actually remember the name……The actor there, Jim Carry speaks that one should live sucking out every drop of juice from his life. Life is all an experience and nothing more. Living the experience with full excitement and enthusiasm should be the actual goal of every human being.

My grandpa frequently said to me about a statement that became his favorite. Actually, he used to hear them when he had been to Mumbai a few years back. He said that whenever(twice it happened with him) he asked anyone about the way to a certain place, the first remark of that person would be  – Tension nahi lene ka and then only would he show the direction. Really puzzling – a metro with so many risks telling others about not to worry! Didn’t you like it?

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