Another sucking excuse…..

It’s really pissing when you want to write the story but you are unable to. Today was Friday and I could not prepare the story according to the prompt – “A man aspiring to be a pro bowler loses to his young daughter”.

Actually, wrote it twice on my system and deleted both of them only for the reason that I couldn’t feel confident about the stories being good. The same judge has reborn!

I feel that I would never become good at writing without writting……that’s stupid…everybody knows that. My story was going the way that a man couldn’t get into the right place and his dream to be a pro bowler remained a dream till the day his daughter meets a rich fellow who promises to do the job, only if he would get three fourth of the prize money…….and it had some more thoughts……. but the judge in me sucks. I tell you, “it really sucks”.

I didn’t want to refrain from writing in my blog and there were no thoughts except this – “the sucking judge”.

Now, it is definitely clear to me that by judging I can only fail. And by practicing only will I be able to pass

Anyways, there is more to the reasons. I even didn’t understand the prompt clearly and was afraid of posting something that might be considered stuuuuuupid. Once I see other stories and understand the actual meaning, I will definitely post mine.

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  1. I believe you have remarked some very interesting details , regards for the post.


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