OFFICE calling….

Waiting for the call from his ‘to be’ office, Allison was feeling restless and was walking from one corner of the room to the other. Actually, he was to receive a confirmation call for his joining in Aegis Steels, a public sector steel firm, as a senior manager. He had worked hard for it, and now his bad days would be over with the job. He had already started planning for his better days since the day he qualified through the interview, as only document verification formalities are left after that. He had started making plans for the nice home he would shift in with his family. He had a nice long discussion with Sarah, his wife, about the location of their new home. Sarah wanted it to be in some high society kind of area like the VIP flats or the Monsoon Villas while he himself wanted to be in a calm place away from the jostling city where he could take rest and talk to his family. He had been fed up of living in the Tower area where the horns of vehicles made it very tough to live there. And to say anything, the person inside would have to shout to the best of his or her ability. Allison had to also go to the doctor for a throat problem and the doctor gave him a single medicine and but mainly prescribed him to speak in a low tone. But speaking in loud voice was what he ‘had to’ do to communicate in his home. However, by God’s grace neither he nor any of his family members needed a doctor after that.

He was presently working in a private office as a clerk and found it tough to look after his family with the small salary he used to get from his accountant. Even for that salary, which was obviously his right, Allison had to do a lot of discussions with his manager. He had to clarify his each and every work done and not done in the office, at the end of which he was paid just ninety percent of his actual salary. Reasons were really shocking – not having the coffee he asked for, not bringing the pen and using colleague’s pen, and  many more similar sucking reasons. He could have revolted, but was afraid of being fired which would lead to zero income for his home.  He wanted to kick the boss everyday before sitting on his own chair but did not have the guts to do so. And as soon as he used to take his seat, the boss attacked him. Yes, she would really attack Allison, not with a sword or knife but with words, and Allison found himself in miserable condition. Whatsoever be the reason, the fact was that she used to literally fuck Allison’s ass with her words.
The boss was an unmarried lady of around forty with a little extra weight of around 120 kgs. Though, her height was four eight or maximum four ten. At this height and weight, she seemed to be a real round pumpkin. She had a boy cut hairstyle and used to wear a ribbon whose colour matched with that of her skirt. Yes, she used to wear skirts and that too of knee length. When she shouted at Allison, her eyeballs seemed to be coming out of their sockets. Allison used to just listen to her words with no response in his defense.  Well, his boss was famous in the office as Lady Shouter, though her actual name was Lisa Dyer. Whenever Lisa appeared outside her cabin, all of the staffs got themselves prepared as when she shouted she threw out saliva from her mouth over the person in front. Some of the staffs would wear helmets; some would talk with their face behind files. Dramatic! The scene was utterly dramatic when she talked to anybody! “How can she manage the office with such a dreadful talking style?” the office staffs used to think. But she was doing it; though with no happy staff! Everybody was working there only because they had to be there.
His children neither could choose to eat anything nor could they choose do something. They too had turned into pebbles of road thrown to be kicked by the people of this world. Nothing good to wear, nothing good to eat and nothing good to play with! There condition was really disgusting. Appearance was worse. Those little kids watched others of their age and longed for a better condition. Allison longed for the same even more than his kids. Anyways, his days were slowly passing by but filled with worries and tensions.

But now, his days would see change. The children would now be able to go to better school, wear better clothes and eat better food. There would be no boss like Miss Dyer to shout at him and deduct his payment and exploit him.
Allison had even experienced words from his friends which simply brought the idea of suicide in his mind. In fact, their teasing words had only persuaded him to work for getting something better in life. Otherwise, he had been trying to find contentment in that roadside life itself thinking that he had no way to go but actually, till that time he did not want to go. He did not want to change his life. Till then, Allison even didn’t want to change the life of his wife and his children. He had no true desire that his kids should try for a better future. He felt that they too could pass their life as he had. But the sharp statements from all the people around him made him to at least try for changing his life. He thought-“If his effort brings him success, it will be well and good or else the sucking life was always there to be lived”. And at last, he about to be successful in changing his own life as well as the life of his family.

Now, Allison was getting more and more impatient and had started to loose his temper. Finding nobody else, he displayed his anger to the people around him. He didn’t want but negative thoughts started to float through his mind-“What if I don’t get the job? What will i reply to my family? How will I live with them? No, no the job can’t go to anybody else. They have just called me for some formality necessary to start working. It has been given to me……….. It’s my job…. God can’t do this to me anymore…….  none else can get my job…….I have worked hard for it…… more test of my patience…… please God please……. I’ll die… me God; help me……. help me……. And his voice became more and more feeble and slowly Allison began to sob…… his nose got filled and his eyes overflowed. The day went by and he kept sitting on the chair with his head resting over his knees. Allison actually slept thinking all thoughts which had mixed emotions of being a successful person, and a failure

Allison got up in the evening but still couldn’t find any miss call being displayed on his phone. When it got dark he went out and came back with a packet of ‘rat kill pills’. Oh god he was about to end his life! He kept looking towards his mobile phone but didn’t get what he was waiting for. At last, he popped the pills but still kept an eye on the phone. Scenes of the life he had passed ran through his mind. Smiles and cries – all the moments that he had lived came before him this last time. And his face expression also switched in the same speed-sometimes happy and sometimes sad! He was loosing his breath now and the phone blinked with “OFFICE Calling” appearing over the screen. Allison could just smile seeing this.

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