ONE by Richard Bach!

I found the book a bit confusing at times, for it had so many meetings with the future or past representations of Bach and Leslie. Though the thoughts were good, I found it to be without any story kind of thing – believable story.

The best thing I liked in it is the discussion on parallel lives. Now that’s probably unbelievable but thinking when we haven’t seen any of our serial lives even, why can’t we believe in the parallel one?

Bach has ended the story very well describing a meeting where the speakers have done some researches on various topics from different subjects. When one of them starts speaking we get to find it is the continuation of what the previous speaker was speaking. I couldn’t very well catch up with this last part but what I got was that Bach was trying to show we all are working to complete each others goals and desires in some way or the other.

The beginning part, when Pie comes into the scene, has many motivating words read from symbols. I have completed the book once and intend to read it again for there were such statements and plot settings that went over my head. It was not like the seagull story and demanded more of readers’ attention and ability to comprehend the unsaid secrets.

There was also a point in ‘One’ where the author tries to show the ways to avoid wars. He speaks it through a character in the book and he says the people of his country make preparations for fights. They practice the fights as sports and nothing more. It gives them the pleasure of wars while inflicting no harm.

On the whole, I feel Richard, as usual, has sent out many good messages of peace and motivation through his book – ONE. But the story here has been a bit of confusing sort – at least for me, though I liked whatever I understood.

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2 Responses to ONE by Richard Bach!

  1. danceswithcrayons says:

    I read quite a few of Richard Bach’s books. They really made me think!
    Now I am going to re-read ‘The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah’.

    Love, Jane
    Enjoyed reading in your Blog, thank you!


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