The Mistake!

Prompt: I knew it was a mistake the moment it was over!

We, I and Jane, my beloved, were walking through the dense fog on a lonely road. It was a cold winter night and so foggy that hands could not see hands. We were coming from the club’s New Year party and were very happy about the arrival of the New Year to wash away all our past unhappy endings. Both of us were involved in our own thoughts and none wanted to disturb the other.

“Don’t you fear that something might happen now in this dark night?” suddenly Jane broke the silence.

“Yup”, I just mumbled.

“What if somebody attacks us from behind? I am feeling very afraid.”

“Hey! Why will anyone attack us? We don’t have any grudges with anybody in this world. We don’t need to fear any….” I tried to boost her but my voice got vague and I couldn’t complete the sentence. Scene of the newspaper report about the killing of a couple just for money flashed in my mind before I could complete my sentence.

Then we were again silent. No sound except barking dogs and our footsteps could be heard. And nothing except Jane was visible to me.

At last, we reached to the corner of the street where I had to let her go and push myself to my own place. We didn’t talk anything and just gave a goodbye kiss to each other, just a routine thing whenever I left her.

Now I hurried towards my destination. Also I pulled out the Swiss knife that I had purchased for these fearful times. ”O my God! Why did I agree for the party? If only I had not… Come on, now you don’t have that option. I had to be brave with her but now I have to rush”, I was thinking as my steps continued accelerating.

Just then my feet turned cold and I felt struggling for air hearing footsteps running towards me. I couldn’t move any step further. I couldn’t even move my body as it froze hearing the sound, and my hands just strengthened the grip on the knife. I was totally ready to tear apart anybody.

With the sound coming closer my grip continued to get harder and harder.

I heard my name,” Sunny!” and felt the hug of Jane just before I had forced the knife thrice into the body that caught me. Her face flashed as she struggled to stand and slipped even from my grip. A last gasp of my name came from her mouth,”S…u…,.n…..n….” but she could not complete.

Tears made their way out of my eyes as I held her. Without a word for me, she just closed her eyes. I knew it was a big mistake the moment it was all over.

Tried too much but couldn’t think of anything better than this. Reaching the end, I began feeling that my story was not suitable to the prompt. If you’ve read the story, do tell me about your feelings! It’s again without any backspace press……typing whatever came to my mind……

About Sunny
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3 Responses to The Mistake!

  1. danceswithcrayons says:

    WOW, I hope you keep on writing Sunny! Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Jane


  2. danceswithcrayons says:

    Oh gosh Sunny, I appreciate your imagination and courage to share as you write! Thank YOU.

    I love stories and poetry that transport me ‘in’. It’s magical, and felt like I was right there, in your story.
    A pleasure to read. Blessings. Cheers for a great weekend! xo


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