Can small deeds of goodness change the shape of the world?

Simply browsing through various sites brought the question to my mind. And…….

Well, what do you think about the question? Is it possible that an act of goodness brings massive changes in the world?

Yes, I do agree that they can’t change the shape of our world but they can surely change a lot of other elements. For me, they have done miracles, and they are only the ones that keep me going, and making way through the troubles of my life. Also, there are a few sad stories when I was used as a puppet just to fulfill a few stupid greeds of a few idiots, but those are very small compared to the feelings of happiness that I felt.

I can’t forget the words of Mother Teresa, that I had heard during her final days, where she had said that the poor and downtrodden need more of the feeling that they are also needed in this world rather than the bucks and currencies. They are more hungry for love and less for food. These weren’t the exact words but the essence was exactly this.

Just a simple smile is enough to……….

But I don’t know why it has also become so expensive that you’ll find so less of them.

A few days ago, one lady came in my way and she just made the statement that no goodness survives in the world today and all that live are bad deeds, lies, and more such stuffs. How do I agree to it when I’ve been seeing good people all through my life? Do you agree? For me, they do exist! And the surprising thing about the acts of goodness is that they are really contagious. You do one and tens of them will come back to you.

Can’t we work for a world where acts of kindness loiter all around, so many, that we won’t need any more?:-) Might be possible! But only when I change!

Look around to find one, and you’ll find many. But, many more are still needed! Who is to bring those?

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2 Responses to Can small deeds of goodness change the shape of the world?

  1. danceswithcrayons says:

    Nothing is impossible! A great read, made my day even better. Thank you : )


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