Fruit of patience!

Today, I wrote it just to ensure that I do Fiction Friday, for I was in no mood to write a story. Also, the prompt was a bit tough to go with. Anyways, I did the best I could!

Prompt: A boy and his father awaken early to watch the sunrise from their mountain campsite, but they begin to panic when the sky remains dark long into the afternoon.

Mr. Solomon and his only child were standing on the bridge to see the first ray of sunlight. They had heard that it looked magnificent but they had never seen it. The kid, Romesh, was far more excited for firstly, he was on the slopes of Darjeeling hills and secondly, he was about to see something he had never seen.

“Dad, none of my friends have ever seen the rising sun here. How does it look? Can the camera capture complete image? Won’t it get blurred?”

“No dear. Ths sun is not so hot here. It’ll just be yellowish red and your camera will capture the perfect image.”

“It won’t be seen again today. Don’t you all see the cloud that has taken an oath not to go from here today again.”, said an old man in a frustrated tone.

The little Romesh ran only to hide behind his dad and started to cry. “oh no dad! I left everything back there only to see this beautiful scene and I won’t go without taking a snap of it.”

“Yes, yes my son you’ll have the beauty in your camera. The orange ball surrounded by its crimson light…..all you’ll be able to enjoy today…. But saying this Mr. Solomon himself was not sure for he knew that the view was too rare to be seen.”

The area didn’t have only these father and son but there were hundreds of more people waiting for a single glance at the unique scene that they had probably only seen in pictures.

Second after second, minute after minute went by but there was no sign of the clouds leaving their position.

Many people had gone back only with the thought that they would be coming tomorrow. But what was Mr. Solomon to do. He had a reservation for tomorrow and couldn’t wait for another day.

Just then, they heard a shout, “There it is. The red ball!”

“O my God! How beautiful the sky is getting! Really, I had never seen it before. I would have missed it only if I had returned. Thanks God for giving me strength to hold on my patience just to enjoy this majestic view.”

And ‘CLICK!” went his camera just to capture the unique yellowish orange sky with the large orange ball in it.

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3 Responses to Fruit of patience!

  1. Very inspirational. I like the end…Click.


  2. Scott Mims says:

    Very awesome read. Really!


  3. shrill says:

    forrest gump:
    “life is like a box of chocolates u never know what ure gonna get”


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