If only I change………

Since my childhood days, I’ve been hearing statements like,”It is so. You can’t change it.”,”What if only I change”, “A single person can’t make any difference as the population is in millions”It has to be this way”,etc. Then, I used to feel the stupidity of these remarks, but didn’t have a clear understanding of these statements….

“Only I should change, leaving rest of the world”. If it is done so, our world will rarely have any problem and will become a better place to live. Here, I would like to put down an incident that happened with me a few times ago.

I was sitting on the last seat in a bus. It was around 7:30 a.m. No sooner had the bus left the stop than a boy of around 20 got into it. He appeared to be extremely tired – might be, that he had been running for long – this was what I thought. He used to hold his stomach, time and again, whenever the bus jerked, and his face appeared as if he would die of pain.

Anyways, his condition made me uncomfortable and I requested him to sit in my place. He sat there and moved a bit shrinking himself to offer me a part of the same seat so that I could rest my back there. I simply said that I was OK and he could sit comfortably there.

After a few five to seven minutes, another man came there and requested for a share on the same seat. Firstly, his offer was rejected but when the eyes of the ‘paining stomach guy’ came in contact with mine, he just slipped a bit and made space for the newer needy person. I was simply surprised, and happy too!

These are big words and well, I too am far from being the one to make changes. In fact, I am just a stupid person doing mundane tasks that I feel good to do. Well, just felt the need to make a note of here.

Believe it or not, that’s probably all that can happen if only……….

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