The bad neighbor!

Prompt: Use I wished he’d knock on my door instead.

Like all my weekdays, I was ready for office at 9 and left my home after kissing my wife exact at 9:05. No sooner had I closed my main gate than I saw a crowd of people approaching towards me. I tried to guess, “Are they coming to me?” I turned back to see if anybody could be seen around to help me in case they stop at me.

“What for? So many people together?”

On counting they made to seven. “They are not for my home, or probably yes?” I was very confused. I turned towards my gate and checked for whether it was well shut or not. I could not even finalize whether to move for work or not; whether to remain there or get inside. At last, I made the decision and took my first step to leave the gate for my office. By then, one of them approached me as if to ask something.

“Hey, here is a brown gate! Let’s knock this one”, somebody from the group shouted and the man heading towards me changed his direction and moved towards the sound.

I thanked God for helping me escape any conversation with strangers and hurried for office. In such hurry was I that I couldn’t even turn a bit to see as to which brown gate were they talking about?

After moving a few steps, I turned to find that it was Mr. Sharan, the Bank Manager living in the single storey exactly opposite to my gate. “Must be in some sort of trouble. Why should I worry? Thank God that I escaped.” All such thoughts crossed my mind at once. I again thanked God further more for giving me the mind that I painted my gate red.

I hurried towards the office with a happy heart and a few pictures of my ‘to be sad’ neighbor. I giggled thinking about Mr. Sharan if he would be robbed or beaten or probably just locked up in jail for some forgery scam run in the bank.

Though in the office, I kept thinking of Mr. Sharan’s miserable condition when I reach back to home. I was working but didn’t feel like doing them well or there was no such feeling as present everyday. Few of the staff even queried about the reasons for me being in such changed mood, but I simply declined to answer.

At last, it was 5, the time to return home and know about my dear neighbor. I was thinking about the ways to act with a sad friend. “How would I show pity? Should I meet him with tears in my eyes or a small smile? Should I speak at the first instant or let him speak first? Should I offer him some monetary help if he would have been robbed?” all such thoughts had kept me engaged when I was returning to home.

While returning I found that I was even faster than the speed at which I had traveled in the morning and I reached my home earlier than the everyday time. Contrary to the atmosphere I had been expecting in the home of Mr. Sharan, everything was fine. I stood there and thought of going to my neighbor friend even before my home so that he would know my devotion for him. But then, a sort of block in my throat stopped me and I opened my own red gate, with a sort of smile in the heart for painting it red. Then I got into the first room whose door was already open waiting for me.

At the instant my door made some sound, my wife came running towards me and said, “You know, today a few people came to Mr. Sharan’s home early in the morning. They were from the newspaper Rojana and were rewarding a washing machine or a TV to houses chosen at random, just if the people in the house bought Rojana.”

My eyes remained wide open and I just wished he’d knock on my door instead. A pathetic smile appeared over my face with some repentance for all the wishes I had made for Mr. Sharan.

Wrote according to the rules. Start was really tough, but once started, I enjoyed reaching the end. Really, very entertaining write for me!

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4 Responses to The bad neighbor!

  1. I can relate to the character’s attitude: inconveniences and disruption from routine, the frustration and then relief, and then finally the envy of having lost out on a chance to win something. Good job expressing his feelings.


  2. shrill says:

    refreshing and really gripping…and i like the style with which u end


  3. megha says:

    its too gud,it was very simple yet intresting…


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