The loner kid!

Prompt: A small boy gets into some different world.

Raju had always loved to be isolated and again had loved more to go on a forlorn walk just anywhere. Stories of days when his family members had to call the people to aid them search this small seven years old kid were famous. And that was why he was rarely allowed to come out of his home.

One story to this list even ended with people pulling him out of a well not too deep, but enough for the guy’s heavenly travel. There the whole village stood around the well and Raju holding the centrestage, but speeches being delivered by the villagers. Unaffected, this kid kept on with his hobby though, never was such a deep incident repeated.

But once, he walks in to a resident haunted house and is transported to another time. It was totally different there – people and things and nature and all surrounding Raju. People were wearing helmets on their faces and were flying instead of walking. They did come down for purchasing any item or talking to someone. Looking up towards the sky gave an appearance of insects busy in their own traveling campaigns. Here again, Raju was alone – not by choice but by chance!

At last, a large insect glided down near Raju and gazed at him. Then, more and more of them flew down to him and did nothing but gazed.

Raju heard some voice but couldn’t understand that and remained silent. Then there was some more voice of buzzing type with all the creatures looking at each other and nodding their heads. Raju, the poor little boy was totally amazed not knowing how to react at all the activities there. Two of the creatures caught him by his arms and flew up. He started shouting but there was nobody to understand his shouts or even listen to them.

After ten minutes of adventure above the ground, they came down. A huge multi-storeyed building stood before Raju. Then Raju turned back and found all of the remaining citizens still behind and communicating among each other.

Raju thought, ”Should I run? But where? I have not seen the way I traveled to this land and nor do I know the name of this land. Even I can’t ask anyone. Should I kill them? But they are too strong, each weighing more than hundred kilograms and that too so many of them will aggregate more than …….oh! I can’t calculate that many numbers at a time! But what……”

Two of the strangers carried him again by his arms and flew into the building. “How cruel they are! Don’t let me even to think.”

The creatures were again talking in their strange buzzing language, but this time it was one of them on front side conversing with all of those on the sides and behind Raju.

And then silence prevailed. They were all quiet.

“Pin drop silence as it is when some teacher just enters into the classroom”, Raju recalled.

A creature was bringing an axe in his hand. “Oh my God! They are about to kill me”, Raju shouted.

“Who are about to kill you, my boy?” There was Raju’s mom pulling him out of the bed.

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1 Response to The loner kid!

  1. shrill says:

    now thats what you call a sting in the tale…


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