Secret of sadness!

O lord! Why is this sadness created?

Why complete happiness wasn’t granted?

Why is contentment to all not provided?

And why anyone is not always delighted?

O lord! Why happiness and sadness are both stuffs of life?

Why anyone’s life always has a small or big strife?

Lord, please clear these queries which have disturbed my life.

“I gave everything to you but contentment was kept,

For you won’t remember me if you got complete rest.

If life has no sad part, none can understand happiness in his heart.

Happy and sad part should continually come,

Else one will think that his job was fully done.

Never think such things about life,

Keep working and be a winner in every strife.

Neither think of distant future nor of past which is dead,

Do your job, believe in self and

Me, who is always overhead,

And this will surely give you your deserved success.

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