Soulmates – A truth or a bluff!

After going through many books and similarly many of internet blogs and forums, I feel I can also speak a bit on this. Do post your opinion if it’s a different one……

Soul-mates are two souls made for each other, and they do exist. They love, they discuss, they argue, they fight and still, they live together. Whatever be the existing differences between the two, they are all covered up due to their true and unconditional love for one another.

Understanding and love are the strands that keep them connected through all the adverse situations. Not pertaining to the level of their relationships, soul-mates serve great purposes in the lives of one another. I mean to say that it is not necessary that your soul-mate has to be your spouse. S/he could be one of your friends too, who is always ready to offer the unconditional support, and from whom you are able to tap unique energy to move through life.

They might not be an exact match of each other in terms of habits and interests, but they’ll share the understanding required to travel together all through the journey of life. They may be called as mirror images and do have many common interests, while they may even think alike about most of the things in the world.

At times, you’ll also find the other one starting the second part of a sentence as soon as the first finishes the first. It’s as if one of them already knows where the other will end and what s/he has to speak. However, it isn’t necessary that the two have to be exactly identical.

In terms of individual strengths and weaknesses, they mostly complement each other. And with this, the strengths of one can stand for the weaknesses of the other, which is very significant for living in this world.

Being what we are, while trying to imbibe what we don’t have is the secret of maintaining long term relationships, be it with your spouse or your friend. Cherishing every moment spent with them and letting the differences go off are the keys to the survival of any relation. The union of souls as soul-mate welcomes peace, prosperity, and growth in each others life and thus is good for living a happy life.

And finally, soul-mate is about ‘the unconditional love’, needing no criteria to be fulfilled for its manifestation. If you can provide that, you will always be with your ONE!

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3 Responses to Soulmates – A truth or a bluff!

  1. Quite a question is this: Soulmates. I don’t know how to answer this. Unconditional love is quite a loaded word, you know. I believe in connections but soulmates . . .

    Sunny, a post that made me think a lot.

    My first visit here and I like this wee place.

    Joy always,


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