Unconditional love!

Is there something even close to the phrase ‘unconditional love’? If there is, where? The question prompted me after reading one of the comments in my last blog post on Soulmates, and I tried to get an answer.

James Dobson, one of the chief proponents of unconditional love, believes that all people need it. Dobson declares: “I’m convinced the human spirit craves this kind of unconditional love and experiences something akin to ‘soul hunger’ when it cannot be achieved.”

Unconditional love means unconditional freedom. Love and freedom are words that can be used interchangeably. Unconditional love is often used to describe the love in an idealized romantic relationship. Dobson declares God’s love to be unconditional, the fact being seconded by many more psychologists and researchers.

In a brain scan study, Michele Beauregard and colleagues identified areas of the brain that are active during unconditional love, indicating that ‘unconditional love is mediated by a distinct neural network relative to that mediating other emotions’. This includes some elements that are involved in romantic or maternal love, as well as brain reward systems.

Anyways, it doesn’t seem possible between the members of a married couple. Suppose for example a boy and a girl are into relationship with an unconditional love to bind them. But where’s the binding? They both are free for they love without any condition. Imagine the statement,”I would love you no matter where you go, with whomsoever you make love.” Can the relationship be a success in the long run? Better rings this statement to my ears – ‘We affect one another by everything we do–so take care!’ – only then will the two be able to remain together.

When I brainstorm a little more, i feel these are the conditions that make LOVE more beautiful. If two people understand that they both need each other, then they both will be affectionate towards each other. Unnecessary advantages are sure to creep in, otherwise. Or probably, the two will get bored being together!

Ah! But there are instances of unconditional love

At last, i would just say, “exceptions don’t make rules” for a few findings still put me into doubts. I don’t know what to say to this

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2 Responses to Unconditional love!

  1. The best way to live is not wonder about intricate things as ‘unconditional love.’ It is better that way because when we think more, we scrutinise more and the more we scrutinise, we tend to direct our answers (whatever we have arrived at) to the object of our affection. We ask uncomfortable questions and the other person wonders as to what has come upon us. Sometimes ignorance IS bliss, you know.

    The same is about Feminism. It is good to be aware of the theory but if we try applying it to every single situation, then life becomes a battle-field unwittingly.

    Thanks for coming by my place, Sunny. Come now and then when you find the time and inclination.

    Incidentally, I have a post on Unconditional love. Let me see if I can get the link for you:

    Joy always,


  2. Dances With Crayons says:

    Remembering today how very much god loves and has patience, because although 54 years ‘old’ (or young, depending on how you look at things), am still growing. God loved me through it all so far, no matter how unworthy I was or felt. Sometimes I feel so much compassion for god, even asking ‘how could you love me?’. And god loves me anyway, not making it any harder to get back up than my own sheepishness imposes.
    So I need to be patient too, understanding that everyone is fragile, transforming in his/her pace.

    Learning, living, loving, growing,
    Thankyou Sunny. I see your name and smile!
    Love, Jane


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