Apologizing to the friend!

I know,

I can never know how much I hurt you,

by speaking words so few,

but enough to change whole world between the two.

It was just, “Is it true?”

But meant “I don’t trust you”

And then my heart kept shouting,”How could you??”

But nowhere around could I find you.

Nothing was done knowingly,

Friend, understand that it was all said unwillingly.

Or willingly with no intention,

Of testing your friendly emotion.

In the world, I was just trying to live

In a way they do,

And to achieve

All that I believe.

Ignorant you came in way

And I had to betray;

But never wanted you to walk away.

Now, I will always know it was a mistake

But what use it is,

when to you, it seems fake.

Though I read every guide,

Will always have to hide

The drops in my eyes.

And looking at the open skies

A request, I will always make –

Please come back! Please come back!

About Sunny

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1 Response to Apologizing to the friend!

  1. Very well written Mr.Sunny!!!! Seriously sometimes we speak harsh words unintentionally just to test others’ emotions without realizing what impact it might have on others!!!! Although we do realize our mistake at some point of time in our lives but till then it is too late and the friend is lost forever!!


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