Live each day as if it were your last!

Can we have the sun rising in the west and setting in the east? Can we bring back the time spent as our yesterday? Is there any benefit thinking over yesterday’s misfortune? Is there any useful going to happen regretting about all that we did yesterday, so as to miss the precious ‘today’? No! Of course not!

When you can’t undo the errors of yesterday – take back the hurting words you spoke, relieve the pains that you caused, why to keep thinking of it? Why to waste time reminding yourself of the actions that can’t be undone? Yesterday is gone and there is no use thinking of it. Promise yourself now that you’ll never think of yesterday.

And neither should you think of tomorrow. You can’t have something to be in the tomorrow, today. No child to be in the tomorrow can come today, no death to appear tomorrow can cast its shadow today and darken your lives. Then, is it right if I worry myself over events I may never witness? Or to concern myself over the problems that may never stand before me?

Live in today. Live the day as if it is your last. Live it with full energy.

If you waste it, you waste your end.

This post has been motivated by a romantic movie-‘A Walk to Remember’ and many similar movies I had earlier watched. But more of it has been brought down with teachings from my own stupid life experiences. LOLZ!!!!!!!!

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3 Responses to Live each day as if it were your last!

  1. Sunny:

    I wish this to be the motto of everyone’s life but sadly it is not so. It is very inspiring and often I try my best to live so but still the mind that is preoccupied with the ego does not allow things to happen as easily. It is practice that enables us to live life the way you have written and I am sincerely trying to follow that.

    Thanks for this post today dear Sunny! A nice remainder for living, laughing and enjoying!

    Joy always,


  2. Dances With Crayons says:

    A bright message to start the day…Jumping in with both feet! Thankyou
    Curious about the movie you mentioned too.
    Love and Blessings,


  3. Silviu says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂


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