Pursue your dream…… feel the real bliss!

Paulo Coelho, one of the most widely read Brazilian author, says, “The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart suffered when it went in search of its dream.”

It’s tough! It’s really very tough to change your career. And it’s risky too! But as the above saying goes, if one lives in the fear of suffering, their situation is worse than that of the one actually suffering. And again, if one is heading towards his or her dream, they don’t suffer; they enjoy.

In today’s materialistic world, there is no room for terms like heart……. dream…. feelings. And while trying to live in this world, we forget the ambitious dreams we used to see as children. We forget what we wanted to become in those dreams. Or we become too realistic and call those dreams to be stupid. Or, probably we only see the road blocks and give up thinking they can’t be achieved anymore.

But somewhere deep inside, our heart still craves to live the dream, and from time to time, it jolts our brain hard demanding justice. It wants us to wake up and move in the direction of that dream

Not only the heart, actually we too want to move in the same direction. We too want to shout at our boss and everybody,”You keep suffering in this disgusting job. I’m going on to pursue my dream from today.”

But that’s what we just want! We never give it a real try. The wanting regularly crops up within us and dies out finding no reaction from our side.

Why don’t I react? Why don’t I walk out of the job? Or why don’t I at least, check out for the ways to achieve my dream? The only fitting reason is ‘fear’.

What fear? Fear of the unexpected! Even though we want to change our direction, fear of something unexpected to happen pulls us back. We want to jump up and run for our dreams, but the fear calms us down. Our reasoning leads us to all kinds of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, thus killing the desire. But it’s only for the time being. And later again, the dream will raise its head only to remind us of the actual suffering we are passing through.

Many of us also think,”Now, let me remain with this job. Someday in future I will pursue my dream.” And that ‘someday’ never comes!

So little weight to our dream! And to the dream that can help us feel true happiness at heart! Is it right?

However much I pretend to be happy, I very well know that I am suffering. And what use is pretending when I am in no plan to ever try for it.

Trying is my duty. At least, I can do that. Achieving the dream or not, is for God to decide. Success is not sure, nor is the failure. Then why do we get pessimistic?

We suffer in the dead-end job unwillingly; but still, continue with it. Why? I tell you, this suffering is far more painful. When you go after your dream, you enjoy even the moments of suffering. So, think before you continue with the job that doesn’t lead to your dream.

Believe in yourself, and start pursuing your dream. You’ll know what true happiness is.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” -Paulo Coelho

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3 Responses to Pursue your dream…… feel the real bliss!

  1. Sunny:

    I have always enjoyed Coelho’s works. The last quote that you have given in the post is something I believe in quite ardently. Thanks for this post. I have again revisited my thoughts as they used to be when I read Coelho’s books.

    It has been a long time. How have you been, Sunny?

    Hope you are well within and outside.

    Joy always,


  2. Annie says:

    Never fail to try!!!
    please read your words again and again.. you deserve to be happy.. life is only suffering only if you want it to be this way..

    Love and gratitude


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