Introverts – The misunderstood folks!

Yes, agreed! Introverts are not that common personality trait in the world.

But is it enough reason to prove these people abnormal or unsocial? Introverts are also human beings, and have as much right to be in this world as any other person.

They just try to be original and don’t like being anybody else. And what’s wrong in it? Of course, they can at times be eccentric. It’s their strength – to do what their heart calls for.

Right to freedom and liberty is for everybody, unless their activities disturb peace of any other individual or society. Give them the room to move in their own quiet style. And definitely, their brilliance will shine one day.

History speaks: Introverts have contributed so much to the world. Few famous introverts whose contributions have brought significant differences in the world are Albert Einsten, Steven Spielberg, Charles Darwin, Carl Jung, Sir Isaac Newton and one of the world’s wealthiest man—Warren Buffet.

In using brain scans to study personality differences, researchers found introverts have more brain activity, in general, and specifically in their frontal lobes. When these areas are activated, introverts are energized by retrieving long-term memories, problem solving, introspection, complex thinking and planning.

“It’s the different pathways that are turned on that activate the behaviors and abilities we see in introverts and extroverts,” said Marti Olsen Laney, a neuroscience researcher and author in Portland, Ore.

Though introverts are considered as strange guys in most corners of the world, they could have a smoother living in countries like Japan, where thoughtfulness, modesty and quiet nature are held in high esteem, as compared to the US, where snap desisions and faster living is the way of life.

Introverts further are late bloomers, and while they have very few relationships, they are strong ones.

But they are not shy. Shyness, is behavior that may abate as children grow, introversion is character trait that lasts longer.

“There’s a level of comfort that introverts have that the shy person doesn’t have,” Sanford Cohn, an associate professor in curriculum and instruction at Arizona State University said. “Introverts are fine with the way they are until someone makes them not fine.”

Further, Marti Olsey Laney, one of America’s foremost speakers on introversion, says, “Shy people are more worried about how people are seeing them. Introverted kids tend to have an amazingly solid ability to observe, and they are less vulnerable to what other people think about them.” “They’re the scholars, the scientists, the inventors, the writers, the poets, the artists,” he said. “Imagine life without them – it would be a TV commercial.”

Let them be themselves and we will have more of creative works in the world.

I fancy of an ideal world, where we would all work together using our own strengths to make everyone’s life better, and not interfering in anybody else’s way of thinking.

Introverts need to know well about themselves and live in their own style, instead of getting pulled by the crowd. Extroverts ought to allow them live freely instead of imposing their own rules of life. How great would the world be!

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2 Responses to Introverts – The misunderstood folks!

  1. Dances With Crayons says:

    Dear Sunny,
    Hello hello!!!!!
    Acceptance and keeping an open heart.
    Enjoyed your post very much.

    Jane : )


  2. smriti says:

    dear bhaiyya,
    I completely loved this article and I totally agree…….guess you already know why!!

    smriti 😀


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