Small acts that hold great significance!

How we don’t notice such honest people or their simple truthful dealings among so many deceivers. A few days ago, a barber returned my five rupees that was with him for I even don’t remember how many days. Still, he took the pain to return those few coins.

We rarely recognize, or remember such acts of honesty in our day-to-day incidents. But yes, a single small act on the contrary leaves us dismayed and makes us determined that we will never do any act of honesty.

Further, we are also prepared to deceive anyone the moment we get a chance to do so.

The barber reminded me of another true story my granny used to tell. A very poor nut seller had borrowed some money from her. After a few weeks he came dragging himself due to an intensive groin injury, only to return the borrowed amount. When asked by my grandmother, he said that he had met with an accident but didn’t want her to think that he was a cheat. After two few days, he died! Remember, he was just a pea-nut seller, who, after having his breakfast, wasn’t sure about his lunch.

Has anything of this kind happened with you? Will you forget these small acts? Or the actors?

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