A newly married couple was crossing a turbulent river on a small boat. The man was rowing the boat and watching his wife who was sitting before him. After quite a long time they met a storm and the boat started to bounce over the waves.

The bride started to tremble with fear thinking about their death. But the man remained calm and also tried to help his wife. Anyways, the storm didn’t last for long and the atmosphere got peaceful after a few minutes only. Then the girl approached her husband, “Weren’t you afraid of drowning and dying during the storm? How could you remain so calm?”

The man immediately took out his sword and put it over the neck of his wife. But she didn’t move and kept looking at him with a smile on her face. Then he asked,”Dear, why didn’t you move now?”

“It’s because I believe in you. Because you are my husband and I have totally surrendered unto you. Because I know you won’t do any harm to me.”

“That’s where the answer to your question lies. As you believe in me, I believe in my creator. I have totally surrendered unto him. I know whatever He does will be for my good.”

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1 Response to Faith!

  1. Quite true. Belief holds me always. I believe in my creator the same way.

    Joy always,


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