I dread it! The chaiwala opposite to my room dreads it……. And if you go on thinking, you’ll find that almost we all dread it!!

Poo! Yes, I’m talking about a bird’s poo! It’s something we all fear if there’s a rope, a wire or a tree above. And more so, if there’s a bird sitting at the moment.

Think of the possible names of the birds and you would find many. Whatever name you think of, its poo practically is only a drop or two, but capable of destroying your whole day. While the colour of a ‘poo drop’ ranges from whitish grey to black, its state is semi-solid and on rare occasions liquid.

People who have already faced the terrible ‘poo drop’ can even get a nightmare of the scene being repeated, whenever they have to stand by the roadside.

Not only could it come upon you from a wire but, on your most unfortunate days it could even drop upon you from an open sky. Oh! And on such occasions, it seems as if the bird had planned a conspiracy against you. Further embarrassing, it feels when the poo drop comes only over you when there were other possible candidates standing around you. After the sad event they do nothing but just give a smile.

But that smile! It’s enough for you to look towards the sky and question the Lord along with the bird – “Why I?” But there’s no answer to come. You have to accept it!

Have you ever faced such an embarrassing moment?

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