The Great Debaters!

Belief in the power of words, and better to say – spoken words. Also, it’s unwavering humanity, it’s passionate belief in education, it’s faith that history teaches invaluable lessons and it’s a lot more. “The Great Debaters” for me, revealed all the amazing results that knowledge and words can actually bring.

“We do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do.”

“Who is the judge? / The judge is God. / Why is he God? / Because He decides who wins or loses not my opponent. / Who is your opponent? / He doesn’t exist. / Why does he not exist? / Because he is a mere dissenting voice to the truth I speak.”

And James Farmer’s dialog on lynching in the end.

These are few of the memorable dialogs spoken in the movie.

The movie is based upon the true story of a debate coach, though as I got to know, it has been heavily fictionalized. Who cares, as far as a flick seems perfectly entertaining and keeps you tied down to your seats.

The debaters in the beginning start their training with “Who is the judge thing”. This probably puts in their mind that they don’t have to fear their opponent and must speak what comes to their mind. “Debate is a blood sport”, Mr. Tolson says to his team and it shows why he has been so ferocious with his training.

Here we also get to see the humiliation faced by blacks when James Farmer Sr., accompanied by his family, accidently drives over a pig and has to pay for it.

I felt strange that Wiley College always argued for the progressive side of the coin. However, it is worth watching.

Well, being a Hollywood picture, The Great Debaters has mild sexual situations and some strong language. So, kids, take care.


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