The broken chair!

Promt: A party was destroyed. Give a description of the incident from the viewpoint of a non-living structure.

Hi, I’m CHAIR! Today, I stand as a three-legged, backless structure. But I was not always the same. Till last week, I too stood straight with all my four legs and was the strongest among all four chairs in Rahul’s home. I was also the most loved one!

Hi, I’m chair. Today, I stand as a three-legged, backless structure. But I was not always the same. Till last week, I too stood straight with all my four legs and was the strongest among all four chairs in Rahul’s home. I was also the most loved one!
Rahul is the owner of this home, where I stand today. He used to love me a lot, so much that, he would never sit on a chair other than I. but it was, only till a few days ago. Now he hasn’t even entered this dusty store, even to give a glance at me.
How much pride I used to feel, when I was preferred to other chairs! Then I was dusted five to seven times a day. And today – it has been days since somebody cleaned off all the dust from over me. How pathetic!
This all happened on that birthday night, last week. It was Rahul’s birthday. Everything was going on smooth and everyone was happy. I felt so good to stand in the middle, as the center of attraction. Party was yet to begin and they all were just admiring the preparation. I could see 10-12 guests and more were still to come. Thirty-one guests had been invited in total. I know all this because Rahul was sitting over me only when he made the list and I could see it clearly from over his shoulder. His parents were also sitting in the front and helping him prepare the list. They took four sittings to compile a complete list and gulped four cups of coffee in every sitting.
Further, two rounds of meetings occurred to decide the would-be required items. This item-list comprised of forty-six elements and had everything from thread to the huge 5 kg cake. I had never heard of such grand party, except once or twice on the television in the shop I stood before coming to Rahul’s home. They were all so happy. Who knew it was the preparation for destruction?
Just at the moment Rahul was about to cut the cake, there came a painful sound. When I raised my eyes to check out for the source, I found that it was Rahul’s dad’s friend, as reflected from his age. Somebody had hit him over his neck – with a small shoe. He was still easy, only to see the shoe. Sight of the shoe transformed the slight pain into a kind of volcanic rage. He took out his shoe and threw back aimlessly. It reached Rahul’s friend, who had unfortunately seen this uncle. The young fellow fired the same shoe but missed the aim slightly leading to the spilling of wine of some other fellow all over his coat. The chap got so angry that he slapped the responsible person.
A few men, of profound intelligence, appealed to rahul’s dad to stop the fight. He even shouted but nobody listened as they were busy fighting. With feelings and sadness and happiness both, I stood there, resting the cake over me. I was joyful because I watching this wild fight for the first time in my life. And sad because Rahul was sad.
One of Rahul’s friends, with cooked dal all over his beautiful shirt, came and held Rahul’s collar. Rahul, already in utter confusion, couldn’t control himself. Arrested by his impulse, he slapped the lad. In response, the guy stumbled towards me. Finding nothing else, he simply picked the cake, ran with it and Splash! It was all over Rahul! He licked a few times and scraped to clean himself. By this time, before Rahul could act any more, the boy had held me.
“Ew! How can he do it? Is he drunk? At least put me down. Put me down.”
Rahul too requested. “Leave the chair Arun, it’ll hurt. Let’s control. We are ourselves disrupting the party instead of controlling everyone. Come on, leave it.”
The boy shouted,”OK Rahul! I’m leaving the chair.”
Hold on! And Bang! And he struck me hard on the floor. My back remained in his hand but I could still stand on my own till now. Seeing Arun’s activity, Rahul threw me back at Arun. This time one of my legs came off and I turned useless – at least till one of my doctors comes to operate my legs!
In this store, today, I still hope to see the day when my doctor would come to operate me and I will stand back on all four legs – without support – as the most preferred sitting for Rahul.

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  1. I did several sample stories over the last three weeks so I thought I d do something a little different tonight, but along the same theme.


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