My tussle with TRENDS!!!:-/ :-o

Modern clothes! Trendy wears!! Is there nothing else in this world???


Today morning, I was again kicked for the same thing – not wearing proper dress!!! So nice, cool morning – it was and sadly, I couldn’t enjoy it for long.

Yes, I frequently get to hear those kind of words – “What are you wearing?”,”Is it proper to wear this?”,”Don’t you have something better?”…something else?” And a lot more.

So, I feel I have a problem! I don’t know why but I can’t understand much about these wearing items. I just am unable to know what is good to wear and what is not. Also I need garments that are quick to get in, which is not according to the trend these days – I think. I just pick out whatever seems ‘economical’ and ‘very comfortable’.

With such choice I keep wearing garments they say are – NOT GOOD….. OBSOLETE……. IMPROPER….. can’t remember what more. At times I even get high after listening to these words. But then I bring myself down telling – might be they are right!!!

However, it continues hammering in my mind. “Why should I wear something somebody else has worn to show that it’s trendy?” it might fit his body, his style, his thinking, his everything but not mine. Should I still prefer the same thing?

At times, I win the war with my thoughts and go for the comfortable one. Nevertheless, on other occasions, I have to give up and wear according to the TERENNND!!!

How do you dress up? Have you ever faced similar fuss? Over wearing clothes???

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