Procrastinating procrastination!!

Damnit!!! My procrastination habit has once again put me into a fix – after waiting for so long, I didn’t fill up the form. And the last date is gone!!!

This is the worst result I could ever imagine. Also, I’ve not yet reached 50 blog posts – a deadline I had to reach by 30th November.

It leaves me ashamed of myself…. DEMOTIVATED…..HUHH!!!

So I decided to know more about this thing. (What an idea!) And I’m amazed as well as happy to know that I’m not alone. According to Psychology Today, almost 20% people find themselves under the category of chronic procrastinators – they are affected by this habit in every sphere of life.(Thank God, I’m a bit better than them!)

You’ll get around it. You’ll start the very next hour… or the next minute itself. You’ll learn how to play an instrument, or a foreign language. You have also decided to start writing an article…. for your blog.

But before you start, maybe you can check the Facebook account. Or maybe your mailbox. It’ll only take a few moments. Worse though, probably you could check out the web for some more information as maybe, your knowledge won’t suffice for the article. Is that all? Probably!

Or, numerous other reasons I’ve left!!! We all make new resolutions every year to put an end to this habit. We all know we could be far more productive. We know there’s a way out. We also know it takes just a bit of effort and nothing will remain the mess they are. Life will get aligned and far easier to deal with. But who cares?

Until such things happen – missing out the date or the appointment – that could have changed your future – that you always wanted to take up.

And then, we realize!!! But it’s late! It’s better late than never. I feel the proverb has been brought about for us only – at least the realization has come.

And I was excited to learn that it’s not a congenital disease (something I felt earlier) and is learnt over time. Now when procrastination is learnt, it can also be unlearned. Is it so?

That’s true!!! I, and everybody can erase this habit from their life to live a far more productive life.

Procrastination is a problem of self-regulation and self-control. Still, many of us give more emphasis to our comfort than to the realization. Anyways, New Year’s approaching and I’ve decided!

So, first why? Why do I procrastinate?

There are various reasons, a few of which could be:

Fear of failure: As far my writing is concerned, I procrastinate because I feel what I’m planning to write about isn’t going to work well. Or when I fear it as a stupid topic to go for. In short, because I fear failure. This could be applicable in other times as well.

Problem of perfectionists: These perfectionists expect too much of themselves and have a fear whether or whether not they will reach the heights they’ve set out for themselves. Probably, I’m one among them.

Moreover, excuses like “I’m not in a mood to” or “lt’s not the right time” are the best friends of procrastinators. Unfortunately, once they don’t have the right mood, they never get it right.

Few strategies to overcome procrastination:

There are a few things procrastinators must do if they are willing to get procrastinate this habit:

Understand the importance of NOW. We have to understand what we can do now – immediately! What action can I take now that will move me closer to my goal? Do something. Maybe anything! And this can break your pattern of procrastination.  Once on with the first step, it’s always easy to keep moving – you remember Newton’s law of motion?

Deal with small rocks, the Everest will be dealt on its own. Breaking a huge task into small bits helps very much. If I look at the Mount Everest, it might put me off. But focusing on small sections of mountains, it seems possible. I’ve experienced this strategy proves fruitful at taking care of any overwhelming situation. And here too, it’ll work!

Act! And finally, the action part. Most of us know what we’ve to do. Life’s not in knowing what to do. Rather in doing what we know. So we’ve to start acting.

There are big costs to procrastination. You know them better!!!

Health is one. Procrastinating people have been found to have evidences of bad immune systems. Insomnia is also a common health defect in procrastinators.

Moreover, this tendency is an enemy of relationships. It shifts the burden of responsibilities on others around you, making things bitter.

But it can always get better as you go out to try overcoming procrastination.

What do you think? Are you a procrastinator? Has the habit ever caused any harm to you? Do you plan to change?

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  3. Loving the info on this website , you have done outstanding job on the content .


  4. Story of my life!


  5. written so perfectly as it is seriously so difficult to overcome this unless we decide where it is all going to lead us to!


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