Joy of reaching my goal – 50 blog posts!!!

Though late, I did it! Had been planning for long…. Wanted to accomplish in October …..then in November!! But couldn’t attain it during those times for some reason or other. Reasons are always there! Ufff!!! Tired of them! U can know them here.

Recalling the moment when I had set the goal, it appeared so massive at that moment. Well, first of all I should accept I was so afraid even to set a goal – to fail! But then, at last, I gathered all my courage and dared to set up the goal. I feel we all have this fear and it requires good amount of strength to beat this fear.

Finally, in December, at the end of the year, I did it!!! I could reach this goal only because I had one. Else, I can’t guess, for how many days I would have procrastinated. Sometimes taking pain is worth.

And I tell you, this feeling – of reaching a goal – is really great. Amazing!! Can’t be described in words!!! I plan to now savour the moment thinking that this will always help me to take pain when I again head on towards a goal and feel like giving up.

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2 Responses to Joy of reaching my goal – 50 blog posts!!!

  1. anthonymagro says:

    Congratulations on achieving your goal. What is the next goal?


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