Judging about other’s future!

Paulo Coelho did it; Anthony Robbins did it; Henry Ford, Bill Gates Abraham Lincoln and the list goes on with the names of all the individuals who shaped their destiny and attained what they wanted to. They came up from the worst life situations, making themselves examples for the world to learn from.

Would I or you have ever believed, seeing them in their bad days, they would ever do something of the kind they actually did? Dilapidated, as they always were in their yester-years; I, personally would have never thought they would turn themselves into what they have now become.
Knowing about these people has definitely helped me a lot to stop being judgemental about individuals and form opinions. And now, whenever I see anyone doing this, I consider it ‘so stupid’. You never know what moment could become the turning point of a person’s life.
Let’s give them time.

Might be, a beggar today, transforms himself or herself into a millionaire tomorrow. Might be, a stupid fellow transforms into an individual of supreme intelligence. It’s only a matter of time – of the moment they realize what they have to become or do – just an incident or a word – that clicks.

How do you think about others? Do you form opinions?

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