My Left Foot

I came across the name in a newspaper and it kinda had my attention. I was wondering why the name is so – until I watched the movie.
The movie is about Christy Brown, a person born with cerebral palsy, and having no body part but his LEFT FOOT under control – that’s why it has this name!

Thank God the movie doesn’t start with any melodrama but in the library of a building where Christy has been brought to be presented with an award.
The movie reveals how Christy, in spite of his disability, was not kept in shut doors; but was made to be in the world playing outdoor games and doing all sorts of mischievous tasks along with his friends. We also get to watch the wrath of Christy at various occasions.

My left foot doesn’t display too many of mournful scenes. Rather, you can have moments of laughter while being encouraged by every accomplishment the protagonist makes. It’s inspiring to learn that though Christy made a late start, and only with one foot, he successfully turns himself into a writer and painter. He wanted to make something of himself, which he actually does.

Further, Christy never wants anyone to feel sorry for him. It always turned me emotional watching Christy show his emotions, be it through his words, paintings or through his actions.

Through this movie, we also get to know that Christy Brown was not all good. He was a drunkard and smoker. He even gets attached to a nurse coming to do speech therapy. But later he gets to know about her engagement and this again made Christy very angry. But, it ends good with Christy getting the love of life – something he too had been craving for as we all do.

Truly speaking, it was a brilliant job done by the two actors – acting for Christy as a child and as an adult.

Now, for good or bad, My Left Foot is definitely a complete movie revealing every aspect of Christy Brown’s life while inspiring us through the same.

Have you watched the flick? If not, are you planning to?

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