A dream comes true!

After being an outgoing person throughout my school, I suddenly turned into an introvert and started to withdraw from people. Knowingly or unknowingly, I started to fear performing on stage and standing in front of people. I couldn’t realize then but all my decisions had a major contribution of this fear. It wouldn’t allow me grow!!

And as Les Brown says,”When you don’t grow, you can’t be your best; and when you can’t be your best, you can’t be happy”. So, I was also unhappy somewhere deep in my heart, not knowing how to deal with the fear. In fact, I felt it was a part of my essential tremor problem. Even doctors had warned me that it would be almost impossible for me to face people. I didn’t have much trouble sitting and speaking but when it came to standing before people, the very thought would give shoc ks that I couldn’t control. I had tried scores of times only to fail miserably each time I wanted to stand and speak.

Later on, I realized that, to an extent, the problem is there with everyone. To my amazement, I found out that today, one of the greatest fears in the world is the ‘fear of public speaking’. And there are training centers to make people a better and more c0nfident speaker.

Knowing this, I started looking out for the institutes training people at public speaking. At last, I came across one that really trained people for speaking on stage and not only for improving their English. It charged students far more than most other institutes. I was again in dilemma – whether to join it or not!

Then I asked myself – Sunny, do you really need it or not? The reply was – YES! I again asked the same question – Do I need this? And again I got the same reply – Yes, this is the biggest roadblock in achieving my goals! Henceforth, I enrolled for the course.

For the past 6-7 months, it has taken great effort to be able to gain confidence and start coming on stage. But it has paid – I felt it when I delivered my speech in front of hundreds of audience. I was so happy after delivering the speech.

I still remember those arguments with everyone around clarifying all their doubts and queries  for joining a course where you are taught to speak! I still remember those hours of speech practices I would do standing before the mirror. And I still remember the continuous practices where every moment only one thought came to my mind – I can, and I have to!

At last, recently, on 5th February, when I delivered the speech in front of hundreds of audience, I felt so so so free. Well, I couldn’t win any award, though.

In spite of this, I felt so great – those 2 minutes were the best 2 minutes for me, till date. The scene from the stage was so much like the picture I would visualize everyday. It was as if A DREAM HAS COME TRUE!!

Have you ever done something you earlier felt you will never be able to? Have you felt the joy of a dream coming true?

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4 Responses to A dream comes true!

  1. Let me tell you something from my life. In school I was always the emcee and hence I was always there whenever there was some programme. After I joined College, I saw that there were many city/public school kids who were just wonderful. Whenever I volunteered, I was pushed behind saying that “I guess you cannot do it.” I was shattered. In school, I was the star but in College!?!? Well, I started working on my skills and started improving myself. Then in postgrad, I shone again. Sometimes it is just there within us, we just have to tap the skills. And today, I can just rock!

    Sunny, congrats on your achievement. There are many more to come and I wish you the best in life.

    Joy always,


    • sunny says:

      Susan, congratulations to you too. Really, now I realize that I’m not the only one who lost the outgoing self and there are many, though for different reasons they get lost.Am happy about you too that you fought back to get what you wannted.And further, thanks for your inspiration!!!It’s amazing to feel the freedom that you can do it!!


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