Surprisingly creative!

I knew I was creative.(I kinda write, so….) But such spontaneity! And coming up with something so interesting – I too never knew. Am not exaggerating. I’ll tell what actually happened that I’m boasting so much.

We were having class. Groups were formed and two people from each group had to role-play an interviewer-interviewee talk either for recruitment or for exit. My group had chosen the recruitment thing and I was the one to enact the interviewee. We had also framed a few questions my interviewer would ask me. It was an interview for the post of a BPO executive.

When our turn came, we reached to the front. It was easy as my friend started asking questions that we had framed. Those were the same ‘tell me about yourself’, ‘why BPO’, etc. kind of stuffs. But, in the end, my friend fired a surprise – speak a few sentences about any topic. Now that’s something I was completely unaware of, at the moment. Yes, it was just for fun. But the question had put my as well as my group’s reputation at stake. I didn’t lose hope and asked whether I could speak out a story. And she was like – “OK, no problem!”(I’d have killed her if she had any problem :))

And that was it. I started – “I was walking down the road towards my friend’s house. After a few minutes walk I reached his door. And then I rang the bell. I stood there waiting for him to open the door. In a few moments he came and opened the door. To my surprise, before my friend could welcome me I found his dog reaching out to me. It sprang from somewhere behind my friend straight to my neck as if to eat me up. Luckily or unluckily I had a packet of biscuits with me. I immediately brought it before the dog and it immediately calmed down as if it had never jumped at me.”

My goodness! What had I done? Framed a funny and interesting story in seconds! Everybody in the class was laughing. And I was just feeling surprised as well as proud to have framed such story, and for making everyone laugh.

By that time the class had ended. And so, it was time to go.

Did you ever surprise yourself with your creativity? Or have you ever done something you too were surprised at? How did you feel after doing it?

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  1. I like this blog its a master peace ! .


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