Damn this creative mind!

Did you read my previous post –  ‘Surprisingly creative’? Yes, if you have read that post, you must have figured out why, and how much I loved the ‘creative’ lobe of my brain in action.

But not always!

For, at times, its activity invites painful troubles – troubles I would never allow to creep into my life, if I’ve to opt. But I don’t get the option then. It’s just in an instant that my mind frames the story, prompting me to an unwilling action. And I really hate it then!

Not many, but there are such moments. Like when somebody says something to me in a certain way. Or when some other-body looks at me in a certain manner. Or maybe, at times, when somebody behaves in a strange style. And my creative self finds…… finds its own reaso s and tailors its own stories for that particular action.

Most, if not all, of these stories are destructive. I go on building up a painful and traumatic atmosphere all around me. I start ‘creating’ future possibilities, based only on these stories. What does it bring? Mental troubles…. Worsened –if not broken – relationships ….. total havoc in life!

The worst part – along with the pain to my own self, I also put others around me in a similar, if not more – pain

And every time I fall in such creative situations, I take the oath never again to let my brain ‘create’ in such moments. But – damn – the creative mind doesn’t get rid of its habit. Still, I look ahead towards a bright future – when I can stop my creativity – at will!

In fact, we all have such a zone of creativity. So, what about you? Do you like your ‘creative mind’? Unlike me, can you control its creativity? Have you ever been into a bad situation due to its creativity?

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2 Responses to Damn this creative mind!

  1. The creative artist is always in pain and is therefore is morose. I am yet to see an artist who is happy happy.

    But as always . . . this too shall pass and lo behold! life opens up.

    Joy always,


    • sunny says:

      This too shall pass….. so true words, Susan! That’s the way we all should look ahead – at least after a troubling time in life for life keeps going on!


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