The OH to AHA experience of book reading!

By now, either through a face-to-face chat with me or through the design of my blog or through some other way you would have understood that I like BOOKS. And if you have not yet known the truth, let me tell you that I like books. In fact I love them……

Yes, I do! But the sad part is that though I like books, I don’t know why I develop a strange feeling of hatred towards my ‘course books’. And this has been a case all through my life – as far as I can remember.

Be it during my school days, or those I.Sc days, or even my engineering days. And then during my entrance exam preparation, I repeated the same pattern. It doesn’t end here, and still now, when I’m trying to pick up the course books that I should be reading, I’m pulled the other way – to some other books. Surprisingly though, these books have already been read by me, not once or twice, but repeated number of times. Still……L

However, one thing I’ll say that even though I’ve read them multiple number of times each reading is a new experience. Each time while going through the same sentences of the same pages of the same book, I just feel surprised – “AHA! What thoughts! how could i miss such an important sentence the last time!”J

But then I realize, “probably, because then I was noticing something else!” And then I think, “Am I getting enlightened like MAHAVIRA OR SOME OTHER ….VIRA!!!!!:P:P”

That is why there are a few books I repeatedly get back to, seeking answers to my doubts. However, this is what destroys attraction to reading course book.

Anyways, what about you – Do you like books? Course books? Have you been through any similar surprising experience?

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