Failure is success!

Confused? Lemme help you!

How do you feel when you fail at something? If you ask me, I would be sad….. worried…….. depressed……. devastated? I am sure, it would be somewhat similar with you – if not exactly the same!

And some among us may think worse! They even start to feel that it were the end of life – there’s nothing more left in life! Having said this, it won’t be surprising to know that a few even take failure literally as the ‘final thing’ and head on to destroy themselves. You must have come across such people…. But is it right – to think this way?

Let’s face reality! Everybody fails. If you go through biographies and stories of achievers and famous personalities, you’ll feel it. Those people didn’t get through at the first hit. They have achieved remarkable heights after failing soooo many times. And a few even kept trying all their lives….. and close to their death bed only, they had what they wanted!

There’s nothing great achieved without failure. Edison, Abraham Lincoln, writer of Harry Porter series and many more still – have all failed…..failed……failed……. and only then were they able to reach there.

That’s one aspect!

Another thing what I feel is that failing at anything helps you take a step towards your eternal goal. It makes you more humble. For me, each failure moves me a step closer to the TRUTH! And I get closer to my LORD…….! What more does a human soul want??

Being in the world, I feel, failure is the only mode to freedom. And so, to SUCCESS!!!

What do you feel? Do you see any truth in what you read here? Or it’s all FAD?

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1 Response to Failure is success!

  1. Sunny, I see only the truth in this post for failure is success. Without failure, one cannot know success and the difficult path of the whole process. What you have said is 100% true and logical.

    And growing closer to the lord definitely gives us strength to take failures in the right spirit.

    Happy wishes of the season to you and yours.

    Love and joy always,


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