Karma……Conviction – good…. Bad…etc!

Conviction – the prime necessity to be successful at anything!

We all have passed through different phases of lives – to become what we are today. We all have different genes given to us by our parents…..grandparents………great grandparents and greater of our greatest grandparents. In fact, if I try understanding and searching, I can, without doubt, conclude that they have together come down to build up our ‘perception’. Yes, perception – an amazing concept – stating that every individual has a particular style of looking at the world around them. According to the Wikipedia, it is “the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment.”

And this ‘perception’ is what builds up our reaction. And that’s what allows us to have self-belief. I mean when I try to develop my action in a manner congruent to my perception of the world, I will have more and more conviction in my action. And thus – more self-belief!!! So, my inner calling becomes my Karma. And I will be able to do ‘it’ with more conviction than anything else.quotes-for-students

Many a times, we tend to leave our battle grounds – karma – because of FEAR – with some stupid justifications to the outer world. But we ourselves very well know that we are running away. And this sense of guilt won’t let us be at peace. That is why Swami Vivekananda calls us all to hold on, and fight. When we fight and fail, we come to peace – way to enlightenment. But when we run away because of fear, our heart keeps dwindling and calling back. I keep thinking – “Had I resisted for some more time, probably I would have got through.” The mystical saint has, therefore, called us all only to leave out our fears.

Moreover, all gurus of motivation have continually stressed the significance of having conviction and faith in order to be successful at anything.

Every soul has his own way of attaining – salvation – that is the true purpose of the soul on the earth. At least, that’s what I believe – or say, like to believeJ

But still, I again think whether it is justified to do mass murders as Kasab did? Or as other crimes are happening around us?

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