Waiting for THE CALL!!

I read a tweet by Paulo Coelho that I could relate with this. And the tweet only has acted as the spark for me to reflect and write!

Not knowing whether to wait or to forget is the worst kind of suffering. – Paulo Coelho

I feel it is so true. And they have become more so due to the hi-tech chatting and SMS facilities in our hands – all the time! Yes, mobile phones have made our lives comfortable. But they have also made it to run the other way – we all know the numerous demerits (remember the essays you wrote in school?)!


But here I’m gonna talk something little different….

You call somebody. S/he is busy with something and doesn’t have time to talk, so tells that they will be calling sometime later. You readily agree, cos you don’t want to interrupt their work. Then you engage into something with the hope that when they are free they will be calling. You had something important to ask, or maybe – discuss. And so you keep yourself free from getting involved in any such task that would force you to say, “I’ll call!!!”

And you wait for sometime!…..Then you wait for some more time! But…

Then with  a heavy heart, you start with your important stuffs. You finish them too. And you are still waiting. You don’t want to talk to somebody else about your query because you are still expecting ‘the call’.

Time and again you check out your phone to know that might be, a message has arrived…. or you missed the call. You check the ‘profile settings’ thinking to change it from ‘silent mode’, although knowing that you never keep it in ‘silent’.

And you wait!…

Then, somehow, you finish off your query with somebody else! So it becomes ok even if you don’t get ‘the call’ now! But it was never the query – just that when they have said, they WILL call! And you wait….and WAIT…….

At last, you either give up or you try again! Each action results in a different consequence, of course it does!

If you give up, it’s fine – you will cope up! But if you try again, thinking that probably they might have fallen into some trouble or you feel it’s important…… more than your ego, you let yourself into great risk. In fact you are increasing your trouble multiple times.

You message, and again – WAIT; and they still don’t reply. Then finally, you understand that now you should LET GO! And  you feel relaxed! Huhh!!!!

Have you ever made somebody to wait for your call? Are they still waiting? I think, if you don’t want to see the person’s face or be with anymore – at least you can message – that you no longer want to talk! or whatever. That would be more comfortable, than the LOOOONG wait!

how          about you fallingwaiting for callinto such situation – I mean you waiting? Has it happened with you? Does the above words by any means reflect your emotions?

Let’s not let others feel so!!!:)

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