Shouldn’t you wait for THE CALL?

I published “a post” a few weeks ago, and there I made a call to the ones who promise to call, but forget. Then I saw another side of the coin and felt that I should also put up today’s post. So just read on.

Yes, waiting is of course a suffering. And it is worse when these days we have become lightning fast with supersonic technology and everything! In fact, one of the worst impact is that we have become impatient and are deteriorating on this significant aspect.


It is worse to know the consequences of such impatience. Keeping rest aside, often, we destroy our dearest relationships. And that too, only due to the frustration that develops when we lose patience while waiting for THE CALL! But this should not happen, not so easily! And at least not from our end.

So, my first question would be “why?” Why should you wait for a CALL? For so long? Without any guarantee for what would come in the end?

The simplest and most direct answer would be – “Because you care!” And because you believe in what s/he had said a day….a week…..a month…… or a few years ago – whatever the time gap. You wait because everything else matters less than ‘THE PERSON’! Because you don’t care for what the people around speak at your back. Because that is your world and that is what you were ready to bargain everything for.

No matter s/he has delayed! There could be several reasons.

It could be a small tense situation they have fallen in, a headache they are suffering, a trauma they are going through, an accident, or anything. And the fact for you is they don’t want you to suffer with them.  Of course, I agree you would better like to be a part of everything and interact with them.


But they are unaware of this. And being humans, we always want to keep our loved ones as far from every suffering as we can.

So, isn’t the patience worth?

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