Is your personality type the best one?

Several psychologists have talked of a large variety of personality types. And they all again vary on whether a person’s personality can change or not! But I’m gonna talk about a different point.

Is it good to be of dominating personality? Is it better to be an extrovert than an introvert?

Such questions have been troubling my mind especially since the day one professor stated that ‘introverts are more self-contained and so a better personality type than the reverse type’. They had always been in my mind, though.

But my prof’s statement didn’t make sense to me! How can a particular type of personality be universally better than any other? And I have noticed that many individuals become prey to such thoughts. They think along such lines – ‘Oh I couldn’t talk to the girl but that guy did, probably his extrovert personality is better than mine’, or ‘I am emotional and get used by other individuals, so such nature is not good’.

imagesAnd this causes insecurity in them. They start practicing self-depreciating beliefs, which further strengthens their feelings of insecurity. Often, to portray an image better recognized by the society, they either start trying to become something they don’t really want to, or they build a wall around themselves to remain away from the people and society. These men and women begin to become angry on every petty issue and might even develop suicidal tendencies in extreme cases.

So by now, you might now have recalled somebody around you of similar thinking pattern. And you might also have understood how harmful they could be.

Further, we need to understand that no style of personality is universally acceptable – we need each and every type. Be it serious or humorous, calm or aggressive, introvert or extrovert – they all are required in this world. Where a serious person can’t do the task of a person capable of making others laugh, a person with brain filled with ‘to the point’ jokes and liked by many will never be able to do the job for a person of serious personality type.

Hence, what is required is that we ought to discover ourselves, and then deal with our weaknesses, while holding on to our strengths. As the known speaker and writer, Anthony Robbins, says:

“Know Thyself and Be Thyself

And probably, only then can you follow your Karma with confidence!

So how do you take this post?

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