Why do YOUR job?

Can you think well and say in your heart?


Is it important? We generally spend a minimum of 40 hours per week in the jobs we have taken up after, or even during our education. It mostly comprises those in which we are paid. So now, as you spend a huge chunk of your life doing a Job, if the major portion of our lives is not in jobs we are ‘fit’ for, and that we are really interested in, it almost goes waste. We might get paid a bit more, but such ‘uninteresting’ and ‘unmatched’ jobs, to a great extent – restrict our growth.

But your friend really likes it

Did I just say ‘uninteresting’? Yes, ‘uninteresting’ for you! When there is a mismatch between YOU and YOUR JOB, it becomes uninteresting, and thus proves actually useless. It might not be uninteresting to your friend from the same college. It might not be interesting even for your childhood friend. But it is – for YOU! And if so, you’ll never be able to meet the best you could have – otherwise – in a job where you fit. I have talked about this in my previous post.

I think I can’t expect to grow to my full potential when I can’t actually think of solutions to the problems there. And when I don’t do this, I won’t get an appreciation or recognition that I might be worth. and when there’s no appreciation, who would actually like to continue for long?

Ok ok! Agreed! You are still getting paid! But think well – is it really making sense to be there while feeling so pressurized bored and energy-less? If we look around, most of us are above the Physiological Need level of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy.

Human needs and Job

Abraham Maslow was a renowned psychologist who first brought in a theory named the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ in 1940s, where he put forth that human beings have five types of needs in hierarchy. Higher order need appear when the lower one is dealt with. maslow_needs

And according to the review of Spiritual Intelligence: Developing higher Consciousness book by Dorothy Sisk and E.Paul Torrence, Maslow’s highest need called the ‘Need for Self Actualization’ has been matched with the spiritual realm of human consciousness and activity. So to reach that highest level, we generally should pass through the other levels, which can be done only through YOUR JOB.

Spiritual Intelligence

I have been studying about spiritual intelligence as a part of my dissertation work. It has been called as the one that works in combination of our associative thinking and linear thinking to solve everyday problems, and therefore – little superior to both of them.spirriiitual

Two known psychologists in the field, Dr. Danah Zohar & Dr. Ian Marshall, have written a book titled “SQ: Spiritual Intelligence The Ultimate Intelligence”. In the book they have stated that in our present day world, people live a “spiritually dumb” culture where most of us don’t put in effort towards ‘actually growing’.

Leave everything aside, the main point is that when you do YOUR job, you really enjoy doing it, and get into – FLOW – as today’s psychology calls. Or ‘calmness in midst of intense activity’ – as Swami Vivekananda calls it.

So what is your plan?

Also, if you are into a job, here are tests for your Spiritual Intelligence and Job Satisfaction, which will offer more clarity. If you provide your email id in the space available for your name, I will send both your scores to you! 🙂

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