Hitting the ‘publish’ button – in our lives!

“People who fail focus on what they will have to go through; people who succeed focus on what it will feel like at the end.”
― Anthony Robbins
So I felt this as the best time to finish this draft.
I have a few blog posts kept as drafts. These posts have not been completed because I’m not satisfied with what I have already written. I want to write think more to make those posts complete as much as I can. This is what I’ll be doing over next few weeks, and the current post is one among those!
Many of us treat our lives like blog posts – not even posts – drafts! And these drafts remain drafts for ever and ever. We have creative ideas to do ‘THIS’ and ‘THAT’. And also of doing ‘THE NEXT THIS’ and ‘THE NEXT THAT’!!! But we don’t execute them.
We have a bunch of things to do in our mind, and they remain there – as they are – IDEAS!!! We never hit the publish button or actually act on them.
Instead, we let our blog posts sit around in draft & let other things win priority. Reasons might be numerous – and their significance??? We ourselves know better!!!
What blocks us? It’s often fear that restricts our move – Fear of failing to get there, fear of the talks around us, fear of all that I’ll have to spend, fear of the everyday pain I’ll have to go through, etc..etc..
But the final question is – Do I really want to do this? If I do, I’ll!!!

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2 Responses to Hitting the ‘publish’ button – in our lives!

  1. More than fear, for me it is sheer laziness and procrastination. Even now, I am supposed to be doing something else but here I am on the internet. Staying focussed and rigid is an issue for me.


    • sunny says:

      Ya that is also there… for me, I can deal with all my long term objectives… but it is difficult setting goals and reaching them, on a daily basis!!


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