Are we forgetting the HUMAN within us?

Christmas is over!! But its gift of spreading love and joy must not be!!!

Watching a recent video of one of the Ted Talk speakers, Paul Piff, I thought of changing my priority. I felt the need to put up this post more.


In the video Paul has talked of a few tests that he or his friends have been conducting to study the patterns of behaviours among the rich and the poor. And what he has found was really distressing – as people move up the ladders of richness they turn more and more towards the negative behaviours. They speak more lies, cheat more often, care less for the fellow beings, etc. Piff’s studies have also been done on the driving behaviours of the drivers of different classes of cars. His findings – drivers of richer cars are more likely to break rules in Canada (wait for a pedestrian to cross when you are on car).

It’s not all bad!!! His later studies have relieving findings. They have shown that most rich people do react with compassion and empathy. They made small interventions.

And what did they find? Reminding people of the need and benefits of compassion, co-operation, community creates positive changes. When people were asked to co-operate after showing a short 46 seconds video, all the rich were found ready to contribute and co-operate.

So we are not innately or genetically attuned to behave in a manner to inflict or withdraw from others’ pain. It is only that we forget what is important, and small nudges in the direction could restore everything.

Because as the speaker has mentioned in the words of one of the richest businessmen of the world – “Humanity’s greatest advances are not in its discoveries – but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity…” – Bill Gates, 2007


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