Pride is good!

I am so proud and overjoyed! It really seems accomplished now!download

Four years ago, when I was about to get my Graduation degree, I felt as if my education was still incomplete and I should also have a Post Graduation as well. And then started my journey towards it…. what degree?….. regular or correspondence?…… from where?……. what are the roadblocks?…… getting across them? It happens with us all.

Anthony Robbins says, ‘A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.”  

So I had to come out of contemplation, get over my fears and take action – I had to hit the publish button!

And finally, it seems to be done! As always, it didn’t seem possible in the beginning, though. And at times even while pursuing my course in Bangalore, I felt like giving up.

I fell, time and again, but I could always get up!!! There was something that kept me on – a desire to fulfill the expectations of so many people around me and most importantly, a desire to honour my commitments.

In fact, these failures were what helped me develop as a better human being. I have already talked of it in the post here.

Moreover, at times it would so happen as if it’s not gonna work. There’s nothing visible that could take me through those instances. But just then… just then, as if God knew my thoughts – I was able to see a spark. And then again everything started getting in place and everything seemed possible.

At last, after all these days, now it is clearly visible that I will reach the other corner of the sea I started swimming two years ago. Yes, it’s nothing new! We all start pursuing a goal and accomplish it, which enables us in a way to feel proud of ourselves. And that’s the pride I’m feeling today…. 🙂

Yes there are a few dark spots still, but who cares? imagesI just want to live in the joy of my current accomplishment! Rest will be taken care later…..:)

How does it work for you? Would you like to share any such story of yours? And what about your accomplishments? Do you really enjoy your accomplishments well?

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2 Responses to Pride is good!

  1. Of course, I enjoy my accoomplishments however small and insignificant. If I decide to do something and have successfully done it, I feel content and happy.

    Wishing you many more accomplishments and joys, Sunny.


    • sunny says:

      Susan, that’s nice…. I also think there’s nothing wrong here as this is what helps us believe in ourselves and try for another venture! This is what accomplishments are for… to be happy!!!! And enjoying the accomplishments offers the break, else we would get exhausted – at least I would!!!


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