Attachment with a sense of detachment

The world is filled with attractions – material and others. And further, our thoughts are designed in a .manner to pull us towards materialistic elements.

Such attachments are often in the form of love for family members, friends and other material possessions we make a fault here!

As per Gita, such things are only to be enjoyed as elements of gratification and there must not be any feeling of attachment appearing if ever we move away from them.

Gita says that the actual entity is the Atma and not the individual’s body. It also states that this Atma has a permanent exidtence and nothing can finish it. “Tera kya tha jo tu rota h” is what Gita says.

The statement very well briefs the actual summary of the text partly, which states that our body is insignificant. And any attachment to this is temporary so it has to get finished.

And thus appears attachment with a sense of detachment! I love the person and will do everything to get him or her.

But am very well aware of the very fact that the persons’ body form is temporary and has to get lost. This awareness helps us deal with a sudden situation. Grief is ok as emotions have to be shown and keeping them within create different problem. However, immersing oneself permanently is when problem appears Everything in the world is momentary and has to come to a full stop.

And having deep attachment to anything to an extent that it produces pain for a long term would be stupidity. No intelligent person will grieve much it they already have the awareness of someday losing the thing.

How is your thought about it friends?


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